Why Keep Calm and Coily?

I'm on a mission to grow my hair to CLASSIC LENGTH STRETCHED.

Do you know how long that is? That's like Pocahontas "Once around the riverbend" "where do i go from here?" type of hair. That's Mulan's introduction (hair before she cut it that is...). Rapunzel's let down your golden hair-(record skip).....errr......welll. Maybe not THAT long.

Classic length reaches halfway of your body, so in a sense, right under your butt.

"But why do you want hair that long MsKraizy??"

Because THAT hair is gonna give me my ultimate goal of bra strap unstretched coils. My hair has about 50 to 60 percent shrinkage, so if I calculated it correctly, this is how far my stretched hair has to be.

Since I was in middle school, I've always dreamt about having the big fluffy fros that have been spotted here and there and everywhere. I dreamed of how I could style it, how I could brush it, how I could wear it, and the dream is in reach now for I will not stop until my hair hits that BSL line in a braidout.

And this blog will help me get there.

To mark my progress, and techniques that work and not fall off my routines to test a bandwagon that probably will not even work for my own hair. And I think I've gone through enough of them to finally end up back at square ONE of where I started when I first went natural. I trailed off a lot trying to do different techniques and try different products and while everything I did was beneficial, it got to be too expensive for my wallet and I and thus I kinda threw down the whole act of buying products in general. I went from what worked, to the "au naturalle" thing (giovanni to aubrey organics) which was starting to nip at my dollars, to the truly organic route (making shea butters, flaxseed gel, and buying terressentials mud wash, and homemade deep conditioners) which took time and money to keep up until I finally cracked down into a low-fund low-manipulation routine of water, oil, and shea butter, plus tresemme naturals conditioner to co-wash.

Now I'm back to square one of trying to use what works. Using my old deep conditioner, leave ins, and techniques with a couple of new items and routines because everything from my first natural year can't stay the same. It may all have some cones or some whatever in it but my hair likes it and we're not gonna keep jumping on big fancy chariots just because the crowd says JUMP!

No. We're not.

So join me on my quest for the bsl unstretched curlies!! Even though I am wanting the bigger and fuller hair, I want to get there with as healthy hair as possible.

So keep calm

And Keep It Coily ♥♥

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  1. I recently ran across your website.
    Thank you for posting. I know I may be a little late on commenting. My unstretched curlies are bsl. I have 4c type of hair. You can do it!!! I too love installing yarn twists/braids as well