Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Quickie Update

Okay, so after moisturizing my hair yesterday afternoon, since then I have not done anything else to my hair nor added anything to it. I actually haven't needed to. It's been feeling so soft and juicy and looks so nice and shiny. It looks and feels really moisturized.

But I have to say, at one point I was thinking about doing the baggying method as a way to moisturize my hair, but that was way before I thought my hair was low porosity. But it never occurred to me that I probably should've made that a consistent part of my regimen lol, I was just trying new things out.

I think the reason I stopped it was because, of course, I was afraid of my hair getting hydral fatigue. I'm still not totally clear on what truly causes it, or if it's even repairable apart from just cutting it off if you get it. But what I have learned is that too much water inside your hair strands makes your curls lose their shrinkage and start "stretching" and eventually, causes hair breakage. I don't know if that's a permanent thing but... I surely don't want to find out.

But it was always different with my hair because... my hair thrives in water. It's like a little mermaid with an afro lol. Too much water was like nonsense. It didn't exist in my hair grammer. At all!

Like I said before, I just started learning that overnight deep conditionings and hair steamers and baggying your hair all the time was bad. And it's been at least 8 years of doing that... consistently. And since I've started using this regimen, I've actually been using more water in my regimen than I really have since being natural!

When I first went natural, I used lots of water and oils because I always wore puffs. As my hair got a little longer, I then started turning away from wetting my hair so much, learning that it was kind of a 'bad, warned-against' thing, so I started using more shea butter and oils to "moisturize" my hair. But it just wasn't working. I thought my hair loved shea butter, but it was years before it realized it really just sat on my hair. The only heavy thing my hair seemed to love was castor oil... and I actually consider avocado oil light, so I don't know what those other hair articles be talking 'bout! lol

Hair Porosity wasn't the talk of the town when I first went natural, and not even a few years afterwards. It was more learning your hair type... basically. When information on hair porosity came out, I kind of looked over it and figured it wasn't that important.

But it is very important to learn how your hair accepts and maintains moisture! It makes it that much simpler to put together an effective regimen.

Who would've known that simply baggying my hair for a couple of hours would help my hair maintain moisture for a couple of days?

And I think the tip on moisturizing my hair on damp hair proved a struck gold mine for me. Normally I do my hair on mainly wet hair that's chock full of deep conditioner already. So I don't think my regimen was bad, but now that I know how to tweak it, hopefully my hair will be turning out much better results!

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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