Monday, April 3, 2017

Low Porosity Hair? All This Time??!

It's something I never truly considered, I was never sure what my hair porosity was. But I do remember years ago trying out that water test and my hair would either lay on top of the surface or if I dipped it under the surface a bit, it would...sink.

So I always thought my hair was normal porosity, but more towards the higher end but not really. I never really considered if I was low porosity,

But after randomly looking more into it after awhile, I realized that Low Porosity may be more of a reality than I thought...

These videos is what started all the research...

Watching these videos allowed me to identify a lot of the same traits that low porosity hair has...

  • Takes awhile to dry
  • Takes a minute for hair to get soaking wet, and water does bead up on my hair
  • Tangles easily
  • Styles look scruffy upon takedown
  • When I pull on a shedded strand from both ends, they feel relatively smooth
  • Lighter products, namely water, work best on my hair
  • My hair actually responds better with heat

But a lot of these practices, I've tried to stay away from because they're evils.... like Heat (and frequent steaming sessions). But I guess for my hair, it's a necessary evil... at least SOME times.

Only thing I don't agree with is that my hair should work better with lighter oils. I've used jojoba, olive, and grapeseed oil in the past and it makes my hair feel like straw or like it's doing nothing at all besides making it feel greasy. My staple oils have and will always be castor and avocado oil, so that point is one I don't agree with.

But everything else? A nail on the head, pretty much.

I never really understood hair porosity up until a couple days ago, and basically, hair porosity is the way your hair absorbs and maintains moisture in the hair. I always thought mine was on the higher end because it would dry out so fast and I would attribute it to bad or useless products.

Now I'm wondering, if I had a different routine of using them... would they have worked out? Kinda makes me wanna reach back into my "fail bin" and give them all a shot again lol.

I have read articles that states that my hair must be cleaned with clarifying shampoos to really remove buildup from the hair. I feel that the clay has been enough to completely detox my hair and give it a fresh start, so I don't think I'll be switching back to shampoos anytime soon.

I've also switched up my deep conditioning routine. This was prior to learning about low porosity hair. This was just because I'm on a very tight budget and haircare is not something I can really continue to splurge in frivolously right now.

But I've also begun deep conditioning with a random mayo treatment. Well, actually, it's becoming more consistent now, but it was random to start off with lol.

This mixture is basically about 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a nice huge squeeze of suave conditioner, some aloe vera juice and castor and avocado oil and just stir it up real nice-like and sop it onto dry hair. This mixture actually allows me to finger detangle my hair as well, and after that I just bantu knot up the section, cover with two plastic caps, and allow it to soak in for an extra half hour or so.

Yes. It is MESSY. But what I do is simply cover my sink and floor area where I'll be working with towels... clean up is it's ultimate simple after wash day is complete lol.

I've also bumped up my bentonite clay mix as well. I've been doing this month for the past month now and I seriously, SERIOUSLY love this. It's basically bentonite clay, ACV, aloe vera juice, honey, castor and avocado oil, and peppermint oil for extra tingles and a nice minty fresh feel.

I apply that to my hair as I normally do after the dc has been rinsed out. Let it sit for another 15-20 minutes. I've also started applying the leftovers to my face for a nice added facial as well. Then I hop in the shower to rinse out. Bam! Wash day complete... for the most part.

Now today, with moisturizing I decided to try things just a tad bit differently. Since my hair's cuticle layer is supposedly "super tight and flat" and hard to get moisture to penetrate through, and since the added benefit of "heat" is supposed to help lift the layers... this is how I went about moisturizing.

  1. Allowed my hair to be damp first of all, which a lot of low porosity naturalistas advise. My hair was maybe... 70% dry? Somewhere around there from yesterday. I had sprayed some aloe vera juice followed by some Qhemet Biologics Heavy Cream in it yesterday just to keep it conditioned, but it was drying out rather fast.
  2. Working in twists from the previous night (like 12), I first spritzed my hair with room temperature aloe vera juice, not cold. I didn't want the cuticles to shut down... if they had been lifted???? I don't know. 
  3. After spritzing that section with AVJ, I then followed up with Sarenzo Beauty's Hair Pudding as my cream. Made sure to thoroughly run that through my hair without overloading it too much with product.
  4. When that was evenly coated through the section, I lastly applied castor oil to help seal it all in and then twisted up each section.

Now. After moisturizing, here is where I kind of switched it up..

  • I then applied two plastic bags to my hair followed by my satin scarf and baggied my twists for about 1.5 hours (I had to leave to go somewhere).

I figured that if low porosity hair thrived better in heat, then the baggying method should help the moisturizers I put on my hair soak in even more so that my hair could maintain it's moisture.

After I took the plastic bags down after an hour, my hair felt very nice and a little more damp, so I was sure it was steaming up in there lol. I've gone and come back and my twists still feel super lush! Granted, it's only been a couple of hours, but I'm still impressed with how soft it feels and how shiny it looks!

I'm glad to learn this about my hair, because now I can more effectively care for my hair. And I probably don't have to fear heat that much anymore. I don't mean I'm just gonna launch a flat iron to my curls lol. But I had a fear of investing in a steamer (even a cloth steamer) because I didn't want to get that hydral fatigue that I kept hearing naturals get when overusing a steamer and their curls just wouldn't stretch anymore.

That should have really happened to me with all the baggying and overnight deep conditionings I've done in my day, but I've never had a problem with shrinkage throughout the length of my hair... only on the ends. And that was because I was in need of a good trim.

It'll probably still be awhile before I hop up and get, even a little cheapie steamer. Remember, tight budget here!

But I'll tell you what I will be doing. I'll be doing this baggying thing at least twice a week. I have a calendar that I'm gonna keep in my bathroom so that I can hopefully get back to a steady schedule with my skin and hair again. My memory has been no better than a squirrel and my energy? No better than a sloth. But perhaps if I keep reminders around, it'll help me keep to this regimen more consistently, you know? That's my hope anyway.

So my regimen will look something like this...

SUNDAYS ~ Wash Day (every 2 weeks)
  • Deep condition with mayo dc / Finger detangle / Rinse
  • Apply bentonite clay treatment / Rinse
  • Moisturize and Style / Baggy for at least an hour

WEDNESDAYS ~ Moisturize (every week)
  • Moisturize (LCO Method) and refresh style (most likely twists)
  • Baggy for half an hour or more

FRIDAYS ~ Moisturize (every week)
  • Moisturize (LCO Method) and refresh style (most likely twists)
  • Baggy for half an hour or more

That's probably the simplest and most effective my regimen has looked in YEARS lol. Even since starting this new clay regimen lol. But I'm actually excited that this will be the one that works! We've gotten fairly close with hair health since starting the whole bentonite thing.... I think learning how low porosity hair is gonna help tie up a lot of loose ends when it comes to product-choosing and moisturizing. So we'll see!

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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