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Sunday Grease: Pumpkin Seed Oil



A viscous oil that varies from light to very dark green to dark red in color, having very strong dichromatism (meaning that this oil's hue is based on the thickness of the oil. Greener hues are thinner and red hues are thicker). Pumpkin Seed oil is made by pressing roasted, hull-less pumpkin seed from a local variety of pumpkin, the "Styrian Oil Pumpkin".

Pumpkin Seed oil is nutrient-rich including omega-6 fatty acids, phytosterols (which help improve cholesterol), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Iron, and phytoestrogens.


  • Culinary
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Medical Care


Pumpkin seed oil can provide these benefits

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil is often used in culinary as a salad dressing and when consumed can aid with lowering cholesterol, heart disease, improving your eyesight, increases energy levels, combats intestinal parasites, functioning of kidneys and prostatecell regeneration, reducing anxiety and stress levels, aiding with arthritis and inflammation and even aiding in cystitis treatments.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil can also be used in skin care and can provide benefits such as hydrating skin, fighting acne, providing extra protection from harsh UV rays and other skin pollutants, helps prevent early aging, advances the healing process in skin blemishes, and more!
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil can also aid in hair care can can provide benefits such as reducing hair loss (and hair balding in men), promotes hair growth as well as strong and shiny hair.


    **I was not able to come across many side effects pertaining to using pumpkin seed oil, but as a safe side, I am going to air the possible side effects that come with ingesting pumpkin seeds just so you can be aware.**

    • If you are allergic, you may come across side effects such as itching and hives, allergic asthma, obstructed breathing, headaches, swelling and redness in and around the mouth, shortness of breath and coughing
    • Stomach Aches
    • People with Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) are advised not to take pumpkin seeds since they aid in reducing glucose levels
    • People with Low Blood Pressure should also not ingest pumpkin seeds since the antioxidants in pumpkin seeds help reduce blood pressure.
    • Not safe to give to infants and may cause them cramps, pain, vomiting and even diarrhea.


    • In Culinary, Pumpkin Seed Oil is widely used as a salad dressing mainly. Cooking, and especially overcooking the oil can destroy the nutrients and full benefits that it can provide.
    • The best way to get all the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for your hair, skin and body is to let it work from the inside out.
    • Use pumpkin oil in face and hair masks and deep conditioning treatments as well.


    Pumpkin Seed Oil Capsules can be found, pretty much anywhere, including your local Walmart. Pumpkin Seed Oil can be found locally at your Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods.

    Find Pumpkin Seed Oil online at these providing retailers...

    Bulk Apothecary

    Bramble Berry

    Check out this article on how to make pumpkin seed oil at home!


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