Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday Surveys: Final Thoughts on Soultanicals

For the first two introductory products: Fluff-A-Licious Curl Nutricious and the Afro Love Scalp Rub... I believe the final consensus for these products are...

Not Sold!

Okay. So initially, I really was quite excited at the potential of these products. But after the first two days, I was disappointed. For one, the fluff-a-licious moisturizer promises to keep your hair moisturized for days at a time and in reality, for my hair at least, the moisture barely made it 24 hours. It turned out to be just as light and drying as SheScentIt's Cranberry Hair Cocktail leave in conditioner. I really did not expect to have to re-apply this product everyday and sometimes every night. I just HATE THAT in a moisturizer, but maybe that's just me.

And for a minute, I think I was using the Afro Love Scalp Rub all wrong. It wasn't until after I read the label that I realized that this product was intended to be used on the scalp and really only the scalp. I have not used it on the scalp yet, I really don't intend to. I don't like putting product on my scalp unless it's a cleanser. I have had such a bad history of dandruff, especially when I first began my natural journey, and one of the main things I learned is that products on the scalp is a no-no! The only thing I apply to my scalp is my oil mix, but I don't intend to apply this grease to it, especially since it's packed with butters plus oils.

I used it for a sealant for the fluff-a-licious moisturizer instead. And while it didn't hold in any moisture, it definitely provided a great amount of hold for the twists. my twists remained fairly shiny, though they were dry every single morning. This was week one of my hair...

I moisturized my hair daily (and once I think I also remoisturized at night as well), but by the time the second week came, my twists were looking dry and unloved...

Okay, so I began by carefully taking the twists down and separating them afterwards. I didn't use anything extra to take the twists down, and I also didn't notice any breakage, if any, ironically. So that was a good thing. :)

The initial twistout was extremely defined and had a lot of hold and shine! So that was definitely a plus! It wasn't too dry, but it definitely didn't feel moisturized though.

That night, I twisted it up in 6 chunky twists and I didn't remoisturize, so that was my fault. When I took the twists down the next day, the definition held surprisingly well and looked really nice!

So if nothing else, this product has given GREAT hold and definition! Just not the moisture. So I suppose that could be worked around, though the results may start to vary as well...

I, though, think I am starting to realize the properties between products that moisturize and products that style. Which leads me to believe that maybe my reviews have been kind of unfair since I didn't really understand the difference. I guess I was looking for a miracle product that kind of did it all and I haven't quite find that ONE product.

Where Qhemet Biologics seems to pack the moisture, SheScentIt and Soultanicals provide the definition, hold, and shine. But I guess the styling products can't provide those kind of benefits unless they leave a type of casting on the hair which in turn, makes me feel like my hair is dry.

My purpose on using these products on their own without any kind of manipulation is to make a judgement call on their strong points and maybe I can add them to my regimen accordingly, whether it be just long enough to use the product up or maybe repurchase in the future. I'm fairly confident that if I re-work these products with other sealants and moisturizers, they'll turn out to work just fine in my hair. But as stand-alone products? So far, they're not worth it.

And Soultanicals so far is no different.

I don't know if I care to continue trying to use the Fluff-a-Licious moisturizer within my regimen, but the Afro Love Scalp Rub is something I would like to try and re-work into my regimen. BUT!

I've had my issues with that scalp rub too.

It. Will. NOT. MELT.

It is the hardest thing trying to rub every bit and piece of this pomade into a melted film of grease because there are just some small pieces of the pomade that absolutely REFUSE to melt down. And then they get stuck and tangled in my hair and it's just not pleasant.

But then again, I haven't been using this product the way it's intended, which I assume is to be used in the scalp. I guess it's a product where you would use to kind of part and grease your scalp. But it doesn't even have a grease-like consistency, it is pretty difficult to melt down

I think I like it more as a styler, but I think I just need a better moisturizer underneath it.

I am not sold on this product because it's mediocre. It semi-works for my hair, and that's not good enough for me to want to go back and buy it over and over again and pay shipping and handling. And on top of that, I'm pretty sure that cantu shea butter can provide me shine and softness for half the price (but cantu leaves me with really bad buildup...) as well as it being locally found.

For a product that I have to purchase online and pay shipping and handling for, they have to exceed expectations and more and this product is just... not that for me. It was a nice couple of products to try and the definition and hold was VERY nice! But I need a product that's going to provide the moisture (or at least SOME moisture) as well. And there was a lot to be desired in that department. For me, it's not just about how a product feels initially in my hair, but how they respond in my hair a day afterwards. I realize that moisturizing daily is important, but also, your hair should not feel bone-cactus-sahara desert dry in less than 24 hours of moisturizing either. If it's like that, your moisturizer is not really doing it's job... Just my opinion though...

So far, between Soultanicals and SheScentIt, these products are PERFECT for doing styles that you plan on wearing the very next day. So maybe that is their overall purpose? To moisturize and style hair that you plan on wearing out the next day. Because they do feel nice on your hair when you initially put them on, they dry in the hair very easily and fast, and then leave you with great definition and hold when you take them down.

So, okay. Now these products have a place on the shelf now lol. But, if you plan on doing a long-term style, like say a week or two of wearing a set of twists or braids or whatever it is that requires you to moisturize daily, these products are not... quite... made for that. I would need something heavier that's more moisture-based, and that's where the Qhemet Biologics products come in.

Nevertheless, I still have two other products to try from this line, but I probably won't try them until further down the line. For one, I'll be putting my crochet faux locs anyway, and then after that, I want to make it a Sarenzo Beauty day! :)

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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