Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Survey: Final Thoughts on SheScentIt

So I have been using SheScentIt's Cranberry Cream Hair Cocktail Leave In Conditioner as well as their MuruMuru & Avocado Ultra Nourish Hair Butter for about a week and 5 days now.

No I didn't run out of any products. But I did run a little bit out of patience.

My ultimate consensus of this product?

Not Sold.

For one, I was right when I didn't expect for these products to keep my hair moisturized for longer than a day. They were just so extremely lightweight, I knew they wouldn't leave any type of "layer" on my hair whatsoever. And as I assumed, each and every morning (and sometimes within the same night), the moisture just seemed to evaporate right out of my hair!

I don't really want to have to remoisturize my hair daily, let alone twice a day so this product ultimately lost this battle because of that. Here were my twists throughout week one...

By the end of.... I'll say one week and 2 days, I decided to take the twists down and see the resulting twistout though I wasn't expecting anything special. By the time I was about to take the twists down, this is how my twists were looking (mind you, I was still moisturizing daily, sometimes even twice a day...)

Now the resulting twistout, in my personal opinion, is the only section where these products actually shine!

With this twistout, I noticed incredible definition, and it was still soft, but a much drier type of soft. Like a light and fluffy type of soft which can be good if that's how you like your hair to feel... but I like to feel a tad more weight on my hair.

But I truly can't argue at the definition it was giving me and the look of twistout itself.

So to be fair, I also put this twistout to the test and wore it out all day while I ran some errands and whatnots and here was the result of that...

That was about five hours of hopping from store to store and doctor's appointments.

So you see for yourself that when it came to definition and giving hold, these products held the spotlight for one. I can't argue, SheScentIt's products STILL give me really nice hold and definition. So that does make up for the disappointment I experienced in the beginning.

As for the MuruMuru Ultra Nourishing Hair Butter.... I don't see myself EVER even CONSIDERING repurchasing that product again. Again, I'm not sure if it's just the batch that I received was defective, but that grainy texture is just not at all pleasant to work with. And besides that, I don't feel like that product did any type of "sealing" nature whatsoever. To be entirely honest, I stopped using that product after the first week. I was just over it and I felt like it was doing nothing for my hair.

Now, when it comes to the Cranberry Cream Hair Cocktail Leave In Conditioner... I would probably reconsider purchasing it ONLY if I came across a few more of her products that were like "Can Not Live Without" status and were major necessities for my product inventory.

But it's not the product that I would go to her site and purchase alone if it was the only thing I bought. It's just not THAT product for me. I would not go to her site JUST to get this product, spend shipping and handling on, and wait 5-7 days in the mail for her. It's the product that I would get in conjunction with something else that I would spend shipping and handling on and wait 5-7 days in the mail for. If there isn't another product on her line I would be dying to try a second time, I may not ever repurchase this leave in again.

Overall, I guess I'm okay with these products... defnitely not wowed nor impressed, more like disheartened. Her products used to work so WELL with my hair, I wonder what changed?

And then on top of that, these products are like fourteen and seventeen dollars. That's ANOTHER fair reason why I most likely do NOT see myself buying these products again. I feel like I was charged double for half of what I was expecting, so no.

And let me also show you something else... this is how the bottle of leave in looked a couple days before I stopped using them altogether...

Half the bottle is about gone and that's just in two weeks (and not EVEN!!) of using it daily. I used Qhemet Biologics Heavy Amla Butter much heavier than I did this leave in, and I STILL have a good 70% of it left.

Compared to Qhemet Biologics, these products absolutely FAILED. But they did make it up in the definition department. But the product that gave me definition was supposed to be a moisturizing leave in... so no... technically it did still fail, it just made up for it in hindsight.

I'm sorry, but I'm not a fan of these products.

Because I got such nice definition with the leave in conditioner, I'm a little less hesitant to go back and try the Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream as well as the Avocado Conditioner, but again... that day might be far down the line, so don't expect any reviews from me based on this company too soon.

But all in all, thank you for stopping by and reading my review. I still would recommend her products  (well at least the leave in) to someone looking for lightweight products because it does a really nice job with definition, but it just didn't have enough moisture for me and that's why I feel as though it didn't work.

But until next time you all,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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