Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Medium Twists and a Slight Trim

Okay, so I deep conditioned my hair for what seemed like.... 4 or 5 hours? I went ahead and put in a set of medium twists using these Soultanical products...

Review coming soon!

After doing that, I then oiled and massaged my scalp lightly with my spearmint oil mix and afterwards... I started trying to decipher whether I needed to trim my ends or not.

I have had such a bad obsession with having extremely thick ends since I can remember lol. So because of that, most of my trims were more for cosmetic reasons than they were for obvious "hair health".

Even though healthy hair in a way does maintain a sort of "cosmetic" look (maybe??), I decided to make sure I don't hack off any unnecessary length and just trim off enough to keep my ends even and healthy.

As I went through my ends, I really didn't see to many issues with my ends. There actually weren't many single strand knots or splits or anything, not that I noticed. I ended up trimming maybe 1/4 an inch of hair off of each twist, and sometimes, barely that!

In the end my ends turned out to look extremely healthy. My hair still has lots of bounce and shrinkage but the ends don't look so thinned out anymore. Believe me, they were a LOT more thinned out in the past than what I'm talking about now lol, but I'm trying to prevent my hair from ever having to go back down that road again.

Before the trim...

After the trim....

Notice any difference? lol I'm not sure if I do either, but I definitely did trim! And this was the hair that was trimmed off...

I tried to make sure I snipped off the strands where it looked more frayed and thinned out. I was going to do a more detailed trim by using my denman brush to help smooth out the hairs and trim it but I really don't honestly feel like my hair is in dire need of a detailed trim like that. I think this light trim that I did to my ends was just enough and if I hack anymore, my scissor obsession might return lol.

Maybe if I flat iron my hair, I'll get a better idea of the status the ends of my hair is in. But I don't think it's detrimental or anything lol. Not like how it used to be!

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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