Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Forethoughts


  • Do Oil Cleansing Method at least ONCE this week ✅
I did it!! I finally did it!! I just came in one night from work and immediately slathered oil all over my face before even THINKING about doing anything else. Just 5 minutes of my time, massaging it in. Then a few more minutes steaming it off with a hot rag. And then I thought to myself... I don't know why I don't do this more often. lol

I'll tell you one thing I did notice. My mind ventures off a lot. It gives me time to let my mind relax, something like how walking around outside for 15 minute does. So my ultimate end result was that it's just out of laziness. I haven't had a facial routine in YEARS, let alone a detailed one. So maybe if I start out trying to do this once a week for awhile and start doing it a couple times a week, it'll just become habitual after awhile.

My friend at work who dared me to wear red lipstick is now trying to dare me to go to a beautician or a salon and I respectfully declined. It's not that I don't enjoy challenges or making changes, I do. But it's just some things I refuse to go along with and one of those things is other people doing my hair. I've had bad past experiences with people fooling around in my hair and I dare not let another hand make it's way into my now-healthier head of curls and jack up what I've spent many years to get right! I'm pretty sure there are many people out there who are worthy hair stylists. But I've had so many run ins with disappointments, I don't care to try. And now that I'm natural and my hair is fairly long now, I face even MORE run ins than I did in the past with my short-relaxed hair. O_O" I've read so many hair horror stories of ladies having their waist length locs yanked back to bra strap length, or even worse.... armpit length, all because of stylists claiming that their ends were "unhealthy". I'm pretty sure some stylists know what they're doing, but in all reality. I would like to remain the judge of what's healthy and not healthy for my hair, okay?

But as the end of the year gets closer, I am thinking a little more about straightening my hair. Just a leetle beeet lol. I don't think I'm waist length though, which is the length I wanted to straighten at. But I am a bit anxious to see my hair fully straightened instead of imagining what it would look like based on a length check. I don't know. Do you guys think it's about time to straighten it again?

Beauty Goal(s):

  • Do the Oil Cleansing Method once this week
  • Decide on whether you're going to flat iron your hair or not

  • Take iron tablets daily ✅
  • Create a budget, woman! ✅

So. I was taking the iron tablets daily. And then I went and had my doctor's appointment and come to find out... my iron levels were perfect.

I was wrong but I was right. I was right thinking that I had deficiency, but wrong for thinking it was iron. I actually have very low levels of Vitamin D!! And I would've never guessed that seeing as though I'm outside all the time everyday. But when I thought about it, it makes a lot of sense.

I KEEP a jacket on. My head is always covered up in a scarf. I always wear long pants or jeans. And herelately, the sun hasn't even been completely full. So, I've been put on a high dosage of vitamin D and have to take yet another blood test by the end of the year. -____-". (Yaaay so looking forward to that!)

Besides that, I have begun taking a few financial steps. I won't say this is the budget plan per se, but I am going to start slowly but surely train myself to start using cash again (or at least my debit instead of credit). I'm starting this slowly on just lunch money and whatnot. I usually don't need much in between paychecks, it's mainly just bill money lol. So, currently, the only thing I use my credit cards for is actual bills that are due. Because in the beginning, that's what they were supposed to be used for anyway. So I'm only paying bills and paying the credit card bills as they come. I take a little money out of each paycheck and challenge myself to take a certain amount for the day and work with it... no matter what.

So far, so good. Since I just started it this week, I don't have any REAL benefits to show for it. But I think this habit will surely help in making dramatic improvements in the long run. Have to curve the shoppaholic in me. She can't be stopped, but she CAN be curved lol.

Health Goal(s):

  • Remember to take Vitamin D tablet this week
  • Continue to use only cash / debit for anything other than bills

  • Publish 2 new listings for the shop ๐Ÿ†‡
  • Continue creating and building on logo for the shop ๐Ÿ†‡
  • Start writing up a business plan ๐Ÿ†‡
I'll admit I didn't get to ANY of the things that I had set in mind. Everything seemed to jump out of order, but that's really no excuse. Because I want to make this a business so even if everything IS jumping out of place, some things just have to stay in order.

With that being said.... shame on me! (*spanking my hand*) What I have been up to that's business related is.... everything else lol.

I really like this painting, whoever did it!
I am currently trying to finish up a special gift for a family friend who recently had a newborn baby boy. I was making the baby a few hats and they truly are so cute! Even though I do not plan on selling baby or kid items in my actual shop, I do like to gift them locally for people I know and that I'm close with. And it's coming in great time since it's starting to get nippy down here!

Aside from making baby gifts, I've also been networking locally, and already have a few people who want to buy. Whether it's out of pure support or genuine want... or both lol... I'm glad to say that they're starting to get seen and are getting out of the "warehouse".

And then I've also started diving more into scheduling which is something I did see coming, but didn't really see coming. Okay, so I will also admit that I went out and got a big planner (just chill it wasn't expensive! and paid for with debit okay!?) and the purpose of it is to keep a daily planner for these two businesses and I already have a daily planner for my life. I kind of like it this way because now I have more lines to make my days even MORE hectic than they already are (isn't that great!?). It's also good in my opinion so that I can track how active I am in regards to my daily life and in regards to my business. And I can truly start measuring how much I'm investing into these businesses. Because it feels like I'm doing a lot, but I'm not sure if I really am. And it's hard to keep track of everything especially in between 10 and sometimes 11 hours shifts that don't even pertain to either one of my dreams. It's so easy to lose focus!

So I figure planning and scheduling everything out will help me spend my time more efficiently. I tried to be a "planner girl" back in the day... it just never worked for me. I could never keep to updating them, but herelately, especially in regards to my work schedules, it's actually become pretty nifty. =) I've already scheduled in my weekend, so I'm pretty set on what I plan to do. I must admit I kind of like the idea of this now.

I feel like I get more and more serious about this everyday. I thought I was serious when I started, but it wasn't until I realized how hectic it was going to get that I realized... I have to be pretty serious about this. How can I tell?

I'm investing. I'm a cheapie cheap okay? I don't mind going without and being patient. But in this past month... because my business has required it. Maybe not to the extent that I've gone but in essence, would've required eventually. With new cameras and editing software, all the TIME I'm putting into it. I spend my lunches and breaks thinking about these businesses and what they could amount to, what I have to do to get there, where I am now and where do I think I can get in the long run. My mind is racing around at a hundred angles and a thousand speeds. I can't stop thinking about the potential that could come out of this.

I'm networking. I'm throwing that crochet business out there more than I expected to. Not just with trying to get people to buy... but to also gain advice and wisdom... and ideas. And motivation. I'm not the most comfortable in selling myself, but it seems like this month, I haven't really had much shame. Sometimes there's a pull inside of me that's like "you are talking about this business thing WAY TOO MUCH!" and I sort of retract. A part of me still feels like I shouldn't be throwing it out there as much as I have because I still don't feel quite prepared. But then I have to realize that I won't EVER be completely prepared.... and then I'm back yapping again. Another thing that I'm realizing is how many more relationships I find myself having to build. What I didn't realize jumping into entrepreneurialship is how much you have to work with, not only building the brand, but building relationships to the brand. And right now, I AM the brand. I'm so used to being introverted and quiet about things, having to build and maintain relationships has never truly been my forefront. I'm pretty sure eventually, I can bring others onboard to help out with maintaining relationships and clientele, but for right now it falls on me. And it can be exhausting, but not AS exhausting as I thought it would be. It's making me more social... yeah... that's it.

I'm Loving It. I feel like I have yet to see what exhausting really is, like I haven't really seen anything yet. Like I'm still paddling in the honeymoon waters or something. But I feel like I've been through enough ups and downs, especially with crochet, that I'm kind of aware of the "mud" that I'll get stuck in. I'm aware of one day having lots of views and orders, and then the next week, it's completely dry. I'm aware of having lots of views on this blog one month, and then the next month crashes and burns. I'm aware that there will be people who are completely supportive of everything you do, and there will be people who will be strangely and extremely critical of what you do (all in an effort to make you). And I'm sure there are BOUND to be many more adventures ahead.

I don't know what's stopping me from really putting my heart into it and going all out. And I don't mean just up and quitting my current job. What I mean is relentlessly putting myself out there. Dragging my feet with making a logo, setting up social media and really PUTTING IT OUT THERE. Now that's my problem. It's like, internally, I love what I do and what I'm creating. But I suppose I just get cold feet at the thought of so many others turning and shooting it down... so many hills to climb... so little acceleration.

Career Goals(s):

  • Publish 2 more listings to Fresh Out The Trunk
  • Work on finishing shop blog and opening up to the public
  • Create a logo

  • Continue to embrace the change that come along ✅
  • Do one thing out of your normal routine just for once ๐Ÿ†‡

I don't know if it was hormones or what, but I have been one little angry pancake over here. It seems like EVERYTHING has just been getting to me. In the end, it was for good reason. I think I had legitimate reasons to be upset... but I didn't have to be as mad as I have been. I haven't been chill all week (maybe I'm not getting any sleep??).

Drivers. Especially. Rude ones. They've been getting to me all Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday! I know I messed that up but oh well. It's gotten to a point where I have to consciously remind myself to calm down, and I never used to be this way. I would like to take this weekend to relax but I'm not sure if that would help. I relaxed LAST weekend.

I'm just frustrated altogether with working in a corporate world. I mean it has it's benefits, it has it's own luxuries. But at the end of the day... I'm just tired. I'm tired when I'm tired, tired when I'm NOT tired. And switching to a different job wouldn't help. I'd be excited for all of 3 months... then I'm tired again.

Who's to say it won't be that way when owning your own business? It very well could end up being that way. But I do have a great amount of power to ensure that it doesn't is my point. When you're working under others, you can only rely on charisma and charm to get things to go the way you want it. When it's yours you can paint the ceilings blue, you can sit hydrangeas on your desk, you can open the blinds and let in some sun, you can throw on some music and dance a little, you can set the vibes.

And my vibe just doesn't seem to coincide with the workforce anymore. I like being happy, I like smiling and trying to make others feel good, which is what I want to come through my products. I'm not a traditional "suit and tie" individual. I mean, I can be when it calls for it. But everyday!? (that's asking for a leetle too much lol). Maybe it's because I feel caged? And locked down, living someone else's dream?

I'm not functioning. I'm getting to a point where I'm not functioning and I'm simply living a routine. There's just no thought to what I do everyday besides get up... go to work... come home... go to sleep... repeat. I guess when it comes down to it, it's just a matter of what I feel like dealing with everyday. Do I feel like dealing with a empty feeling everyday? Or do I feel like dealing with being pulled in a hundred different directions trying to build a business that I believe in?

I guess that's a good way to sum it up.

Life Goal(s):

  • Practice patience
  • Abide by your schedule for the rest of the week and see how you feel

10 Reasons To Be Grateful
  1. Cold Summer
  2. The Sun... and it's Vitamin D
  3. Doctors... and Blood Tests
  4. Music
  5. Friendly people who give you lots of food
  6. Hope
  7. Technology
  8. Vivid DSLR Cameras!
  9. Faces of cute kids (don't they make you smile!?)
  10. Support

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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