Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Forethoughts


  • Wear hair "uncovered" once this week 🆇
  • Start on the Oil Cleansing Method 🆇

Since getting that new DSLR camera and having a chance to actually 'see' my hair for what it is on camera, I'm even more impressed at the effects of this regimen! I didn't realize my hair had so much bounce, so much curl, and what's even more, I didn't realize how long it looked til I watched myself going through my entire wash day routine. It's funny how the longer my hair seems to get, it still doesn't feel "that long" to me. I never did wear it uncovered. I feel like I've been so busy, the last thing on my mind was pulling my hair into some frilly hair do lol. It was back to bonnet and scarf. I'm starting to realize how dependent I've become on keeping my hair covered. Today at work, someone that I don't know from Adam called me by NAME across a crowd of people and was like "why do you have that beautiful hair covered up!?". To which I shrugged playfully and kept walking away back to my seat.

To be honest, going back to having my hair covered up in it's own incubator is enhancing the growth retention by 100% and I'm not one to fix what's not broken! Since I've gone back to doing medium twists and wrapping it in a scarf, my hair has been retaining MAJOR length, and I don't have to lie! You all have seen the length check comparisons. Just within a few months! I'm on a mission to get to Classic Length stretched this time around. You think jaws are dropping now? Just give me a few more months lol.

I'm gonna stop setting myself up for the disaster with this oil rinsing thing for now. This is the second week I've tried to make this a goal and have not lived true to it. Not even ONCE. I don't know why I just can't make myself sit down and massage my face for 5 minutes and steam it off. I know I'll feel better once I do so... Perhaps if I tie it in with something? Should I try to fulfill this goal this upcoming week? I don't know... maybe. I need to be as dedicated to a skin care regimen like I am to this hair care regimen. And it couldn't be any more simpler than slapping oil and my face and massaging it in. I feel like I'm creating a new level of Lazy lol.

Beauty Goal(s):

  • Do Oil Cleansing Method at least ONCE this week


  • Take Geritol supplements DAILY ✅
  • Make a plan of action to pay down balances 🆇
  • You are given $50 to splurge for the WEEK and it must come out of your CASH   (....I couldn't take it out completely!) 🆇

This week has probably been the worst as far as having energy goes. Yes, I've been taking Geritol multivitamins daily, and I don't know if those are even helping anymore. The lethargy has been almost abusive! I can hardly get up for work, I can hardly last my entire shift. I come home and can hardly summon the energy to type up blog posts or doing something productive for my Etsy shop, but I have been. I've been pushing the Power Button like a MAD WOMAN. Until I just feel ultimately fatigued right now.

I just got finished up with the cardiologist, and as I already knew, there's nothing wrong with my heart other than a minor heart valve leakage which he says is nothing to be concerned about (o__o"). My ultimate concern was my blood test which I thought he had received from my primary care doctor but didn't. So I made an appointment with them to see what my blood, and more importantly iron levels are. This lack of energy thing is truly no JOKE.

Apart from physical health, there is my "financial health". Now I know I said in my last Friday Forethought, I was going to practice not splurging.... and then I go out and buy a fancy shmancy camera lol. Even though I know I probably could've lived without it for a few more months, I don't think the camera will end up being a waste a money. Not only is it going to help step up my shop creativity, I'm also contemplating doing hair videos! Now did I really need it NOW? No. There's a lot of things I don't need NOW. But in the long run, do I feel like it can pay itself? Yeah... I feel like it can......eventually anyway lol. At this point in time, it is all about my decision and my choices and how far I plan to run with the trails I've already started paving. And I really want my Etsy shop and this blog to go far! That doesn't mean I plan on abusing my wallet anymore. This camera has been meditated on for the past two months, believe me. This was not just a "hop up and splurge" buy. I've done lots of research on this camera (even the one I got prior to), so I know this was a good buy especially for a semi-beginner like me...... still not buying it? No? Okay.

Health Goal(s):

  • Take iron tablets daily
  • Create a budget, woman!


  • Publish 2 more listings to Fresh Out The Trunk ✅
  • Get a logo designed and business cards created ⊜

This will probably be thee LONGEST section in today's "Friday Forethoughts" because I have been a serious mini CEO over here lol.

I've definitely been trying to network, especially at work. I've already got a handful of people interested in my crafts. I've brung my items in to show them, and everyone is always impressed by the quality and bright colors. I'm showing all my new (and recently updated) listings on Etsy and they are really interested. And I don't think it's just "charity" support, they truly like the quality of it!

Honestly, I just love the happiness on their faces when they just LOOK at my items because that is the point of Fresh Out The Trunk. To find an item that you look at and it just brightens your day. The colors, the style just effects your whole MOOD and makes you feel upbeat, funky, royal, playful, whatever it may be. It's not about keeping up with a trend, it's about showcasing your personality and brightening up the day.

I've even begun creating a "shop blog" that is not opened as of yet. I'm still working on it, but the layout is awesome! It looks really professional and is coming along rather nicely. I'm trying to give myself til the end of the year before I make it public. I'm actually contemplating (and kind of initiating already) making a little commercial. Not some big fancy something, just a simple commercial showcasing my items and maybe the idea behind Fresh Out The Trunk and putting it on my blog as well as on my shop. I have no doubt I can produce a good one with this new camera I got (See?!!!.......still not buying it? Ok.), but I just have to get somewhere and get all the pre-production and storyboarding out of the way. But I get antsy just thinking about it!

And to go along with that, all the enhancements I've got going (and still got planned) for Keep Calm 'n Coily. For one, I was tripping when I couldn't view my blog! I thought it had been deleted, and I truly had a fit! Not for all the new things I had coming and all the ideas I had generating! Needless to say, I was one hot tamale the past couple of days lol. But with patience and calmness, I managed to get the help I needed... it just needed to be verified. (Lawwwwwd....)

One of the ideas that I keep going back and forth with is making hair videos for here too. I'm not sure if it's even necessary, for all the information is written right here in my blog. I don't think people need to see me doing it, and needless to say, I'm pretty sure there's tons of youtubers out there who have a similar regimen. I'm trying not to juggle too many responsibilities at once, because that is usually my problem. Trying to catch everything that's thrown at me.

Like the other day at work, while viewing some of my photos, someone at work suggested that maybe I should do crochet tutorials. And I suggested that there were already lots of youtubers out there doing crochet tutorials but she kept insisting on me to do it.

What I'm beginning to see in myself, especially now that I'm constantly networking and putting myself out there..... I haven't believed in myself in a long time.

And it's weird, because I always felt that I did. But I don't. I guess I believe in myself when I legit know I can do it. But when I don't know if I can do it, I don't believe I can. This is why I seem to get nowhere or I always seem to "cap out" somewhere. It could be a link there. Not believing in myself leads me to be uncommitted in so many things I do.

Which is why I FLIPPED when Keep Calm 'n Coily wasn't viewable for awhile because in essence, this is the probably one of the only things I have ever been committed to. Even though through the times, I've had, even year long hiatuses... I never deleted this blog. I always came back to it. And tried to make it better. And even with my crochet. I've been at this for a few years now and it just keeps sticking to me.

So perhaps these two things are my underlying passion? And I need to stick with them. They're about the only two things I keep coming back to over the years. Lol since the days when I was in middle school I have been doing hair..........and crocheting. I'll think I'll be doing those things til the end of time lol.

I think I finally got an idea for my shop logo too! I've been trying to think of catchy logo since 2 years ago, yes this has definitely plagued me. I didn't want it to be like an actual popped car trunk, but at the same time, I didn't want the logo to be completely yarn to. Fresh Out the Trunk is focused on crochet, but who knows what it might morph into over the years? At one point, I was selling baby headbands, hats and whatever, now I'm aiming more for the creatively colorful adult woman (and adolescent :)). Maybe I'll start incorporating other fabric-made items, or selling hair products, e-books, you never know. Fresh Out The Trunk is about possibilities... spontaneity... not letting creativity (and color) die down. So I wanted a logo that referenced "possibilities" without necessarily cornering me into one niche.... perhaps I NEED to be cornered into a niche, maybe I'll focus more lol. For right now, I have an idea and I have to continue to draw it out until I figure out what I like. Probably need to download a free trial of Adobe lol.

Career Goal(s):

  • Publish 2 new listings for the shop
  • Continue creating and building on logo for the shop
  • Start writing up a business plan


  • Continue to not return evil for evil ✅
  • Compliment one person at least twice this week ✅

I'd have to say that deciding to embark on passions outside of just "working to make ends meet" has contributed more to my mood. I've definitely been stressed a lot more lol, no getting around that. But my time doesn't feel wasted anymore or like it's dragging by on a snail. I don't feel like life is passing by me entirely, I feel like it's actually been stopping for a brief 'water cooler' chat from time to time.

I don't feel so frustrated, well not in a bad, depressed "aww man what has become of my LIFE" kind of way. I start doing things for my blog, or start on a new crochet project and just get lost in the zone. Getting started takes a little elbow grease, but once I get started, I enjoy what I'm doing. I enjoy what I'm creating. I enjoy my results. Which is much different than working in the corporate world under someone else's dream.

I am fully aware that making one (or both of these) translate into full time will mean MUCH more work and being spread thin even MORE, but it's a different kind of spread thin. You're being spread thin over something that you wanted to create and breathe life into. I'm not spreading myself thin over what someone else is trying to breathe life into. This is MY dream. It's aggravating as all can be trying to figure this thing out as I go, but... when you're doing it for you.... how could you have it any other way? The more I work at this, the more I realize how much it's not about being a boss, or not having to clock in and out (yet...anyway) or all the other "fantasy perks" that I used to have about being entrepreneur.

I think deep down, my main reason for wading in and out the entrepreneurial pool is because I want to make my own impact on people.

You cap out on what your impact is when you allow someone else to dictate your position and status. And I'm tired of capping out everywhere I go. When I know I have the potential to do and be but I'm not given a true chance (or true direction). I think I stopped wanting to be promoted about 3 years ago, around the time I started selling crochet locally. I can do and be so many things for people, I know I can. But my problem is being sheltered, and not having failed enough. I don't think I've failed enough, which is why I haven't been trying.

You know. If you're trying to figure out who you really are... just try being an Entrepreneur. You'll start realizing a LOTof things about who you are. You won't be able to run from your insecurities, you HAVE to face them. Which I guess is what I like about this. It's challenging. It's not easy. But it's making me. And making me progress. How can you be mad with that?

Along with the "realizations of becoming entrepreneurial", I've also been thinking about traveling. And the scary bird in me is like "wha?! NOOO!" But, man, the mile points are just SITTING on my credit card. Waiting for me to log in, and those points just stare at me like "you know you wanna book that trip to the islands... c'mon girl, it's free money!" lol. I thought about trying something simple like maybe just staying at a fancy hotel locally for a weekend or trying out an activity or just... doing something to get out.

I don't know why I can just be so fearful! lol Cautious. I like the term Cautious okay? (Not buying it? No? Ok lol) Well, they don't expire (it would probably light a fire under me if they did lol) some maybe I'll let them compile up some more and do a really nice trip somewhere. I don't know. Where's a good place to travel? Hmmm....

Life Goal(s):

  • Continue to embrace the change that come along
  • Do one thing out of your normal routine just for once

10 Reasons To Be Grateful

  1. The potential and possibilities there are in life
  2. The job that I have
  3. The ability to make people smile through your work
  4. Bright, beautiful, bold vibrant COLORS!
  5. Cool and breezy weather
  6. Homecooked meals
  7. Courteous drivers
  8. Showers! Like mini waterfalls right in your own bathroom!
  9. Uncertainty and the way it can mold you
  10. Suggestions... from everyone and everything

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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