Friday, December 30, 2016

Fresh Out The Trunk Fridays!

New and updated listings for 
Fresh Out The Trunk!

Last month, I was trying to branch out and do a few more different things, but I'm looking at my shop, and I need to branch out even further lol!

I did manage to create a new hat that I really, really love! It's definitely a hat you probably won't see everywhere, and what I love even more about this, is that it was created with big and long hair in mind!

Behold! The Sonic Blue Bobble (Bubble) Hat!

Sonic Blue Bobble Beanie - $37.50

It's such a different and unique beanie, and I love the feel of it. It's a hat that is SURE to keep your head warm while also standing out in it's own simple way.

And then, I had to continue on with the Sonic Blue feel, and created this...

Sonic Blue Butterfly Beanie - $37.50

Another sonic blue beanie? Okay, no more blue hats for the next month! lol And I also fell back into my comfort zone a bit, but with a fabulous new color!

Royal Purple Cable Beanie - $34.50

This is a slightly different pattern than my other cable beanies, and the beautiful bold purple is absolutely enticing! But still, I need to grow out of this pattern and onto much bigger, bolder, and more unique things! Be sure to stay tuned!!

I did have this one listed as well...

But it sold out pretty much immediately. It took quite a bit of time to make it this way, though I do love the color scheme of it. I will make more of these but probably not using this exact pattern. Look for new Jamaican patterns in future monthly round ups! :)

And don't miss this!

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 Keep calm n coily ♥

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