Monday, December 12, 2016

Cycle 18

So today, I decided to use my new camera throughout this wash day to see if it would provide better pictures and details of my hair.

Other than that, pretty much the same simple regimen :)

Before I hop into what is yet another predictable cycle in the Wash Day series, I will show you all the pre-wash hair. The only thing I had done for the past 3 days was spritz a bit of aloe vera juice on it and kept it loosely bunned up and covered. By the time I got to it this morning, this was how it looked...

Much better picture quality, isn't it? :)

So onto the shower I went to finger detangle in the shower with Suave Naturals Strawberry conditioner. I feel like no matter how I switch up my finger detangling routines (and they have bounced around quite a bit), they will always eventually end up taking a great deal of time. I think today I spent a little over an hour just finger detangling my hair. It kind of flew by since I spent a great deal of time singing as well lol, but still. Compared to the average 30-45 minutes I was averaging, starting to near an hour again is not something I favor. At least it's not 2 and 3 hours that it used to be when I would detangle outside of the shower... but still!

This was the hair I ended up losing this cycle...

Still a fair amount of hair that was lost. I think I generally average this amount of hair to be "normal", but since I am still trying to build up my vitamin D, I would like to see if this "average amount" will start decreasing over time.

And then after that, it was time to mix up and apply my bentonite clay mixture.

I normally don't pop up on here with all THESE pictures, that's how you KNOW I was enjoying this photo shooting session! lol

I let that stay in my hair for around 20 minutes, or somewhere close to that. And after that, I hopped into the shower again to rinse it out really well, and then I also snapped some pics of my water freshly rinsed with absolutely no product added to it.

Even though the pictures seem to show a much better quality of my hair, this is the way my hair has been looking for at least the last 4 cycles I would say. I guess I just need the right camera (and editing skills) to help bring it out.

It's funny... kind of. In 6 months of not using shampoos and cleansing my hair using clays, I would think my hair's health has tripled what it's been since I went natural 7 years ago. I'm impressed because my hair is so healthy, it's starting to retain the length that it grows now! There isn't really a reason (other than my deficiency) why my hair should not reach classic length stretched now. There isn't a reason for it to be constantly breaking, snapping out, not cooperating, or anything like that. It's maintaining moisture and ultimately, retaining health.

Also, I haven't trimmed my hair in 6 months either. Aside from the occasional snips when there are knots that won't slide out, I haven't done a trim on my hair. I don't know if it's time for one. If I were staying on a schedule, I would be due, but I'm not trying to trim to a schedule any more, I just want to trim when I feel my hair needs it.

And right now, I don't have a certain "time frame" that judges when trims are usually necessary. Maybe it is time to do a little trim, for all I know that could be the reason why my finger detangling sessions are taking so much longer. But my detangling problems are more at the roots then at the ends. Still though, that's not something I'll be quick to overlook because my overall focus while trying to grow my hair long is to get it healthy and maintain it's health.

As for right now, I am currently deep conditioning with Mystiv Divine's deep conditioning treatment again. I'm possibly going to go in right now and do my hair. And maybe while I do that, I'll go ahead and trim my hair as well, and not much. But we'll see. And to style my hair, I plan on using these products...

But until next time,

♥ Keep Calm 'n Coily ♥

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