Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weigh In Wednesday

Length check time!!! Are you ready?

First picture is going to show my length check between my nape area which is generally the shortest part of my hair. I am generally focused in doing length checks on my nape because the rest of my hair grows pretty easily. So if I can make sure that my nape is retaining length and growing, I can be positive that the rest of my hair is doing well also. So without further adieu, here is the difference between my nape length checks. The last one was done October 16, 2016 and this most recent one was done November 14, 2016.

Both of these length checks were done on freshly washed / detangled / and twisted but still fairly damp hair. The twists in the right pic (November) were done a little smaller than I normally do which is the reason why that section may look a little thin.

And now, my next length check which involves the area right above the nape which is, ironically, the longest part of my hair. This section has no problem with growth. The first picture was snapped on October 24, 2016 and the second picture was taken November 21, 2016.


I decided to mark a line where I believe my hair ended in the last length check (my length checks are so bootleg, I know! lol) and just from doing that, it looks like I've grown and retained quite a bit of length! That looks about close to an inch, give or take for my bootleg measuring. But at least I'm retaining!

So the regimen is working!!!

And apparently, Qhemet Biologics did not hinder my growth either.

Both of these length checks were done on two week old dry hair that had been taken down from their twists, Shedded hairs and everything!

The more I look at it, I feel like I am nearing waist length.

And you know what else? I'm Midback Length. And have been midback length for a minute, I don't know why I've never acknowledged that and why I always feel the need to still claim Bra Strap Length when I'm like a good few inches past that lol.

I'm glad to FINALLY be nearing waist length! After how many years!?!??!!!

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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