Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Strength In Baggying?

Okay, so since.... Monday, I have been moisturizing by means of "baggying". I literally just got home and pinned my hair up and covered with a plastic bag and called it a night. My hair was moist every morning and by the time I would get home at night, it was mostly dry but still damp enough to just cover with a cap and let it... marinate overnight.

Today, when I got home my hair was feeling a little "too dry" in my opinion for it to just be covered with a plastic bag and left to sit. So I opted to re-moisturize tonight.


I mean, it has been 3-4 days since I traditionally moisturized my hair by applying product to it. Which to me, is a BIG win because since I started this regimen, I've basically been moisturizing my hair daily and constantly. Missing a day isn't terrible, missing two is pretty much unacceptable. Which leads to my hair starting to shed little broken strands and ultimately... no retention.

3-4 days of just wrapping my hair in a plastic bag and bonnet at night?

Number One thing I noticed?

No breakage.

Okay, I'd be lying if I said I had absolutely NO breakage. But, honestly, I only lost about 3 transparent-like strands throughout the ENTIRE moisturizing process which is a pretty big accomplishment to not have traditionally moisturized my hair in 4 days.

Number Two thing I noticed?

Really, really nice twists.

For me, the act of constantly rubbing conditioner and oil into my hair causes my twists to frizz up a lot and sometimes, they start to matt together. For example, every time after two weeks of rubbing suave naturals conditioners and sealing my hair with an oil causes flakes in my hair and makes the ends of my hair really stick together... almost like glue....which is not a good thing. It's like there's a pile of mud sitting at the ends of my hair when I go to unravel them.

But when I only have to pin up my hair and cover with a plastic bag, that's basically no manipulation so my hairstyle stays in tact a lot longer. I honestly can't believe it's already been close to a week because my twists still look REALLY good and wearable lol. If I were still moisturizing daily with conditioner, within 2 days my twists would no longer look wearable lol.

This is what my hair was looking like prior to re-moisturizing...

And I must say, I'm very proud of my ends! Aside from the occasional (and rare) snipping of knots, I haven't had to trim my hair since.... my hair cut... and that was back innnnnnn.... June? A good 5 months ago.

For me, that's actually a nice achievement seeing as though I can be so extremely scissor happy in my obsessive quest of "thick ends" lol. I have been known to trim my hair every month, every couple months, or every 3 months. And if I do allow my hair to go more than 3 months, it starts looking a little more stringy and.... frayed. Dried out. Honestly, the healthy state my hair is in now has really made me realized how incredibly unhealthy my hair was before. =( Sorry Nelly....

I also believe that being a little more concerned of my iron levels and taking multivitamins and whatnot has also improved my hair health's too. Gotta take care of your body from the inside out. :)

So, I proceeded to moisturize by first adding water to my hair. I didn't spray it in, I actually just ran some cold water from the sink and just squeezed a handful into each half of my hair (I divided my hair in half down the middle). And then just moisturized by applying Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner to the lower half of my twists, adding Mystic Divine's Nourishing leave in to the entire section, and then sealing that in with castor oil.

The process did frizz up my twists some more as you can see here...

I guess they don't look too bad, definitely not as bad as how they would normally look. I'm guessing as long as I baggy everynight, I won't have to traditionally moisturize for another 3 or so days.

I think this is about as simple as I've been able to get a regimen lol. But we'll see what the long term effects are. I know I've come across some people who say that if you keep your hair wet too long, it'll start to smell like mildew. I assume that could be true though I don't think I've ever had that happen to me. Heck, if anything my hair was extremely dry lol.

Though, I don't see myself running into that as an issue since, throughout the day my hair is basically airdrying. When I get ready to baggy overnight, my scalp is pretty dry and my twists are like damp-dry. Then covering with a bag overnight allows the hair and scalp to heat back up and produce moisture which in turn, will dry out throughout the day until I go to baggy it the next night.

I haven't had any issues with smelly hair thus far and it's been 4 days already. If anything, my hair has gotten stronger and healthier, so until any other unwanted effects start happening, I'm pretty happy with this new "baggying everynight" thing. I think it's really working itself into my regimen!

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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