Thursday, November 10, 2016

Second Week of Moisturizing

Alright, since baggying worked so well the first week, I carried it right into the second week but decided to do things a teensy bit different.

Since I got aloe vera juice, instead of heavily moisturizing my twist one night and then trying to maintain that "moisture" for the next 3 or so days, I decided to just starting misting my hair on a nightly basis with aloe vera juice and then pin it up and baggy overnight. So that way, my hair can maintain a good amount of moisture (instead of "leftover moisture" lol) every night. My hair dries more throughout the day so it doesn't leave potential room for a "mildew scalp" to form and my hair is staying incredibly healthy and hydrated.

I've had absolutely NO issues with little itty bitty broken strands at ALL this week. And my ends look absolutely wonderful! So thick and healthy and full of life, my twists are giving me LIFE!!!!! lol

And also, I thought with misting my hair every night would actually make my twists turn fuzzy and start frizzing up even more but... for some reason it doesn't.

In all honesty, I feel my hair this week looks WAY better than my hair last week. I haven't been sealing my hair with oil, I really haven't needed to. And I think with not having to rub oil throughout my hair, that dramatically reduced the frizz nature of my twists. Here's what my twists pretty much look like, and I retwisted my hair like 6 days ago...

It's breakthroughs like these that make me wanna go back and try all my old hairstyles...for instance: small twists? That's been on the brain for a minute. I've kind of wanted to put small twists in my hair. Maybe keep them in for about 2, possibly 3 weeks? I used to keep them in for a month at a time. I'm not sure I'd be able to go that long. 2 weeks is normally the longest I can go before the itchies start attacking my scalp lol.

But I don't know... maybe. I'm positive that if I do put in mini twists, I will be moisturizing them by means of baggying every night. Because as I'm seeing now with regular chunky twists, just spritzing with aloe vera juice and baggying overnight keeps my hair hydrated, but because it's so little manipulation, they don't frizz.

And for me, chunky/medium twists frizz up a lot faster than smaller twists do. So if my chunky twists are maintaining appeal with this moisturizing strategy, I'm sure this would do WONDERS for a few weeks of small twists!

And suddenly, I'm eager to do small twists...

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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