Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Surveys: "Spearmint Oil Mix"

It's officially been a full week of the small twists and this has to have been by far the best set of twists I've had in my hair thus far! Since I am pretty familiar of how my hair reacts at it's most basic point of health, I am attributing all of this new loveliness to the new hair products I have been using.

One of the new things I've been using is my Spearmint Oil Mix which is nothing more than 50% castor oil and 50% avocado oil and a good few drops of spearmint oil for it's growth stimulation, anti-fungal properties and scent. :)

I've been using this oil on a nightly basis. When I get in from work at night, I apply the oil to my scalp throughout the rows of my twists and then massage the oil into my scalp for a good 1-2 minutes before tying it down with my satin scarf and bonnet for the night.

I do this at night because the act of massaging my scalp with oil causes my roots to frizz up a little, so being able to tie it down overnight allows to kind of "lay down" again for the morning time.

The main thing I notice with this is that my scalp is not dirty. I remember this was a benefit before when I used to do it years ago, especially when I had dandruff issues. I think the reason why I like this so much more is that the scent of the spearmint also makes my hair smell fresh, so I feel like my hair is just SUPER clean. It's been a week now and I don't even feel the need to wash my hair.

Of course, I'm going to keep this in for a second week before washing again. For now, my twists are very sleek, shiny and smelling very fresh (I'm sorry ya'll, I truly love the smell of spearmint lol). The ends of my twists don't even FEEL like they're gonna give me problems when it comes to taking them down. I think this, in combination with the daily moisturizing with the Qhemet products has given my hair amazing moisture and added slip throughout the week.

For the spearmint oil mix, it is a definite double 👍!

I will start incorporating this into my regimen more often, continuing to do it as I do now and just make sure to oil and massage my scalp on a nightly basis. It is really helping me prolong the longevity of my twists without too much fear that it's going to matt and/or mesh together.

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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