Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Surveys: Qhemet Biologics Final Thoughts

So I have done a full two weeks of using Qhemet Biologics products and nothing else, not even aloe vera juice. I wanted to see how these products alone reacted with my hair and the final consensus?


So just a quick run through.

I initially used the Amla & Olive Heavy Buttercream along with the Aethiopika Hydate & Twist Butter to install a set of small-ish medium twists in my hair. Throughout the course of the first week, I remoisturized daily with both the heavy buttercream and sealing the twists in with the aethiopika butter and also oiled and massaged my scalp with my spearmint oil mix. This was how my twists looked during Week 1:

At the end of week 1, my twists were still looking beautiful with healthy sheen and were extremely soft to the touch! They weren't frizzing like crazy like they normally do and my ends were coiling up nicely as well.

The second week is when I decided to put this product to more of a test. This corresponded with me having to dress up on Wednesday and with that, I decided to try and wear my hair loose.

Now since I normally do like first day hair on me, I actually took my twists down on Monday to give my hair some time to stretch and loosen up before I actually wore it OUT on wednesday. I'm glad that I did that because initially, I did not like the way my twistout came out.

On Monday,

As far as the feel of my hair? It felt like pure SILK. Suede, butter, whatever you call it, it was the softest I've ever had my hair feel thus far!! Because of that feeling... I knew that neither one of these products would be great for hold or definition. But in the Heavy Cream's defense.... it is solely for moisturizing and that it did VERY well!

The twists came out VERY easily with little to no snagging. The only thing that brought the frizz out was the extra detangling I had to do at the roots of a few twists which is NOT due to the product, but rather, rushed detangling. If anything, these products made finger detangling those few shedded strands even EASIER since my hair was so soft and silky to the touch.

I ended up wrapping my hair in a bun to help it stretch out throughout the day underneath my bonnet and black scarf while I went to work. Later that night when I came home, I remoisturized with the heavy cream and aethiopika butter again and twisted them into larger twists...

I then oiled and massaged my scalp with my spearmint oil and tied it down for the night. And then, on Wednesday morning, I unraveled the twists into this twistout...

It was heavy with moisture! I loved it! Now I advise that if you don't like the "heavy greasy feel" of shea butter and you like for your hair to feel rather lightweight and like nothing's on it... this might not be for you or you may have to work around it to make it work better for you.

If you're not affected by the films of butters or oils, then this is a DEFINITE must try!

As far hold and definition, neither of these products excel lol. Especially if you live in a humid environment, you should not purchase these products with the expectations that they'll give you crazy defined twistouts and braidouts that last throughout the entire day. I will tell you upfront, these are NOT that product.

You should purchase these products with the expectations that they will add a great deal of moisture and luxury to your hair and make your twists feel absolutely soft and luxurious!

Just a little proof that this is not a define and hold product, look at my hair after about 6 hours...

And then by the end of the day...

They tried ya'll, those products REALLY tried. And it would've been great if this was THEE product to provide moisture, definition AND hold but no. These products' strong points are purely in securing moisture in my strands.

So as for a moisturizer, man even with that $21 tag, YES! I will repurchase the Heavy Cream again. And I will even repurchases the Aethiopika Butter at a whopping $19! I just can't get over how smooth and soft it made my hair feel! And these were the ONLY two products I used for the past 2 weeks.

I didn't even have to retwist my hair (were you all looking for that post? lol) mid-week. My twists looked and felt THAT great!

The only thing I don't like is that it runs out so fast, at least cause I was using it everyday. Maybe on a regular routine, I'll use it like once every 2 or 3 days and make it spread out a bit. I re-moisturized everyday for the purposes of a trial run and to see how Nelly responds to it. And she responds with a double   👍👍 !!

Oh yeah, as a moisturizer and sealant? This is the combo to beat so far!

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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