Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Camera In Tha House?

I mentioned before that I got a new camera, but I didn't spill what type!

It started off with me purchasing the Nikon Coolpix B700. I believe the Nikon Coolpix L....? Oooh, I forgot. But it was a cheapie little hundred-dollar camera that my mom got me YEARS ago! I loved that camera! I think I had been natural for about 2 or so years, and had it not been lost and ultimately, heat damaged, I'd still have that little point and shoot.

With that being said, I trusted Nikon to do me justice yet again with the Coolpix collection, and decided to invest in this camera. But deep down, what I really wanted was a DSLR since I wanted to become more advanced in my photography. But really, who has $1000 for a CAMERA?

Well, I dug deep and found about $450 from my wallet and took this baby home from Best Buy.

The relationship started out smooth, as any other would. With the honeymoon effects making my vision hazy. It did take nice photos to begin with, but just wasn't quite what I was looking for in the end. I wanted to play around with the Aperture and ISO settings, and this camera doesn't allow that. It's not a DSLR, it's still "technically" a point and shoot.

And what I LOVED about this camera was the flip out LCD Screen, but the flip out screen just couldn't make up for the lack of beauty in my photos that I was looking for.

I'm not saying this camera doesn't take nice photos, it does! For any beginner and amateur or person who just wants really nice and clear pictures without being too high-strung on all the technical settings and focusing and everything, this is a really GREAT camera and the zoom range is EXCELLENT (but the P900 has it beat though...).


For me. It just wasn't quite doing what I needed it to. Mainly, it wasn't letting me manually change my own settings, they're already pre-set and there's not much you can do to alter anything. Literally a point and shoot.

With that being said, I packaged it up all nice and tight and took it back to Best Buy the following day and invested in Ruby.

Ruby is a Nikon D3400 DSLR camera made for beginning "photographers" (like me) who may be interested in learning how to change and alter settings and make better advancement in their photography without having so much bulk and price thrown into the mix...

As you can see, I also invested in a tripod (and that's where all those video clips of me trying to tape my regimen come into play lol).

I'm not sure if I'll ever go full-blown youtube. I'm not sure if I wanna make videos at all, but I'm glad this camera provides the option. The HD on this thing is AMAZING!!!! Such clarity, my hair looked GREAT on camera! lol I don't know, is that something you all would be interested in?

I bought this camera mainly for the purposes of taking great photos of my items for my Etsy shop but... maybe youtube videous could be made. This camera cost me an extra $50 (without the tripod and warranty that is lol), so I definitely gotta get my money's worth out of it!

All in all, I'm a happy camper! Just gotta get used to taking pictures with an actual camera again lol...

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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