Thursday, November 10, 2016

Incoming!!! Haul #1

Yay! The hauls are starting to ship out and roll in! And here's a look at the first one to roll onto shore which is my package from Sephora.

This is the package that contains my splurge on a few Qhemet Biologics products along with some other goodies and samples they sent me.

Now I'm not much a of a makeup guru though I would like to at least learn how to do a basic face lol, so I did invest in some of their lip stains, just to try it out. That will be new to me but in the end, I got free shipping and many little goodies so I'm cool with it. For the time being, here's a sneak peek...

A box full of goodies!

What'd I tell ya!? I really like ordering from Sephora online. Not to mention that I get loads of points back on my credit card for shopping online with them anyway. So yeah, I'm REALLYgood! lol

Who knows. I think I may use these Qhemet Biologics products to put in a set of small twists.... well. I don't know about small twists. I haven't been in the hair styling game for some years now when it comes to those intricate styles like that. I mean really, some of my patience has WANED since those days. And sitting in my bathroom for a straight 10 hours to style my hair just isn't appealing anymore... on TOP of the hours for wash day itself.

But, I don't know. I may or may not do it. I mean, if I sit in front of a few good movies or youtube videos, maybe I'll still be able to sit through the pang of styling my hair lol.

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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