Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Forethoughts


Last Week's Goals:
  • Dress up at least one day this week  ✅
  • Continue to moisturize and seal hair as I have been ✅
  • Practice Oil Cleansing my face at least 3 times this week 🆇

On Friday at work, me and a co-worker decided to make a pact to not be weenies and step out of our comfort zones a little bit. For her, it was trying a new shade of lipstick. For me... it was wearing lipstick outside of the house lol.

I told her that I usually always like to try and do my face up at home, but I never go outside with it. Insecurities I suppose, or maybe I've just gotten super comfortable with Plain Jane. I'm not used to people seeing me with bright lipsticks or eye makeup, even though I really like it!

So yeah, the pact was basically to just wear your red lipstick. That was it. But for some reason, I got a rush of adrenaline and excitement to kinda go a little bit further.

I never wear my hair out when I go out either. 9 times out of 10, my hair is wrapped up underneath a bonnet and tied down with either a black scarf or covered over with a fancy beanie, but usually nothing more than that. On the weekends, I'll probably end up letting my hair loose, but for work? Never. I never wear my hair down.

This actually started up at a former job. I was a stock associate. Up until that point, I would still protective style my hair but you would see it whether it be in twists, a bun, yarn braids (that's kind of my hair but not really). When I started working in stock is when I created my black beanie that I began wearing ever so faithfully! Reason being is because working in the stockroom with big mufasa-worthy hair is a no-no. With all the shelving, metal material, boxes, and closing-in-on-you racks, it was a DANGER ZONE to wear your hair out....... unless you didn't mind having your hair yanked out every few minutes. lol

So I started covering my hair to keep it from getting yanked out. I worked in stock for over 3 years, so of course, I just got used to having my hair covered and now it's..... kind of weird to wear my hair loose all the time. I can't say that covering my hair has even harmed my hair. Back then, I was simply maintaining my length since I wasn't really doing any proper / better hair care practices that I'm doing now. But now that I am, covering my hair is also helping my hair to grow. But maybe, just MAYBE I'll wear it out a bit more often.

Can't say the people at work would be disappointed lol......

I have also continued to moisturize and seal everyday using the Qhemet Biologic products only. And I also got to thinking....................... about flat ironing my hair.

Honestly, since I've been so into my healthy hair, I haven't thought twice about straightening it. And I usually say ALL THE TIME, "I'll straighten my hair at the end of the year" and I never do.

I can't say that's written in stone, but I've given it some thought. I've been looking up a few articles and youtube tutorials on straightening natural hair. Someone once suggested to get a Dominican Blowout but.... I mean, why pay someone $100 to do what I could do just by watching a FREE 6 minute tutorial?..... I'm not even sure I truly want to straighten my hair let alone pay somebody to do it lol.

I have NOT even ATTEMPTED to do the oil cleansing method yet. I just never feel like doing it.... but I know I need to get jump started on a beauty routine. My only beauty routine is "washing" my face water (Yes... I'm one of thoooooooooooose people lol). Going from that to a 16-step system is exhausting just thinking of it. But I've done oil cleansing in the past and I like it. I don't think it really changes anything for me but... it does feel cleaner and softer. :)

Beauty Goal(s):

  • Wear hair "uncovered" once this week
  • Start on the Oil Cleansing Method


  • Continue to take Geritol supplements daily 🆇
  • Get in a good 30 minute workout at least twice this week ✅
  • Try morning or evening yoga twice this week 🆇

I've been getting some exercise in! Utilizing my community fitness center and I must say, I HAVE been feeling much better in the process of exercising. And I usually keep a good amount of energy as long as I keep moving right after working out.

But as SOON as I sit down even for 10 minutes, I become incredibly drowsy, which is why I stopped working out before. Especially before work, because my job involves me sitting down in a chair pretty much all day and the craving of sleep that sets in is crippling. I love how it makes me feel peaceful throughout work lol, I get a little too peaceful! Then all of a sudden my eyeballs are at war with my eyelids and it is so HARD trying to stay awake.

I have taken my Geritol supplements twice out of this week because I don't remember to do them. So I'm trying to make sure I remember to take it in the morning before I leave for work, and I've also downloaded an app to HELP me remember as well. And yoga? I haven't even thought about. The soreness from each workout wouldn't let me think of anything that involved folding myself into an origami pretzel!

But I am concerned about a part of my mental health. And that part is concerning a budding shoppaholic!!!!!!!

I don't think it's gotten SEVERE (....yet...), but it's definitely become noticeable. All the hair hauls, and now I've been on this on-again-off-again shopping spree affair with New York and Company!! I couldn't help myself, honestly. Because they were having good sales and NY & C is the main store I can rely on to accentuate my 6'1" height.... ESPECIALLY when it comes to jeans!! I've made the CEO of New York and Company very happy in the past month, I just KNOW IT. That's why they keep sending me these "wee appreciate you sooooo much" emails!! And I've been one HECK of a sucker!

But it was all in good reasoning. I was faithfully wearing the same 2 pairs of work pants in constant rotation and the black pair was beginning to fade out lol. I'm not a splurger you guys! Any time I start spending big money that's not in relation to a bill that's due starts to freak me out!

And while I don't think all the splurging I've done this past month is enough to send me into spiraling debt I can't fix within the next few months, it's definitely bringing me close. What with the new car, a new couch, hair care products, clothes and everything. Balances have been totalling up. So I really need to reach down DEEP and find that inner cheapskate again! I just had to come to terms with the fact that I might have one of those "Need! Need! Need!" heathens living inside of me.... bouncing on my kidney like it's a bouncy house or something....

I feel like, aside from buying up (some of which I HAVE been needing) all these things, that maybe I buy because of my emotions. I mean, who doesn't get angry, mad, upset, depressed or things of the like? I've been dealing with very present emotions since I can remember, but I've always find other ways to curb them. Drawing for one was my main outlet... then writing poetry. Taking a walk or whatever.

But it seems like when I try to do those things now, my mind just can't focus. Somewhere between graduation and life, I lost my ability to FOCUS and started morphing into one of those "instant gratification" people that needed relief on an INSTANT. Forget focusing, who does THAT anymore?

I need to.

Because Life can jump out of control REAL quick and I can already see it happening. It's not bad, but I'm very aware that it can be, which is why I need to grip that NOW. Anyways, I won't ramble... I'll take action instead...

Health Goal(s):

  • Take Geritol supplements DAILY
  • Make a plan of action to pay down balances
  • You are given $50 to splurge for the WEEK and it must come out of your CASH   (....I couldn't take it out completely!)


  • Publish a new listing on my Etsy Shop ✅
  • Introduce new installments to Keep Calm 'n Coily ✅
  • Start breathing and thinking before I speak ✅

So I have been posting more to this blog and introducing to you all the new installments to come to Keep Calm 'n Coily (and I hope you all have been enjoying them!). I'm excited about the potential of Keep Calm 'n Coily, and the adrenaline and ideas that have been flowing through me for the blog have started to dash back into my Etsy Shop.

I've been talking to some friends at work about my wanting to push the potential of Fresh Out The Trunk and make it go far and they all seem very interested and supportive of it. They have given me great ideas to implement for it and I'm sucking it all in like a sponge!

My main focus sounds like it's gonna be getting some business cards lol. That, and pretty packaging for my items. The quality is there, everyone agreed on that. But I, I guess what I'm hearing now is to not just focus on my items, but focus on the shop as a whole.

Whole meaning, the way it's presented, the customer service, the details, the advertising, the logos, and this is all things that I've been aware of but I guess the thought of it was overwhelming in a way, I just didn't know where to start. But I just knew I needed to start!

So I did. I just started publishing, I started creating, and showing them to friends. And now all of sudden, things seem to be taking off. I seem to know my directions and where my next steps or next few steps are. It's like a puzzle. Sometimes, you just need a piece. Even it's not the right piece, just start with a piece. And the other pieces are bound to start connecting to it until eventually, you have the whole puzzle.

So that's my mindset. Like I said in my last post, everything must grow. You'll never truly start out perfect.......... I guess some people start out at their very best, but........ how often does THAT happen? lol At the most I just want to be realistic about this so that I'll continue to push through with it. I've been selling crochet locally for 2 years now just to make ends meet, so I know I sell good items. I think this is more about conquering my own insecurities than it is about selling an item.

Career Goal(s):
  • Publish 2 more listings to Fresh Out The Trunk
  • Get a logo designed and business cards created


  • On one of my breaks at work, take a walk outside WITHOUT blasting my music and just take note of the life around you ✅
  • Do not return evil for evil.... but don't bring it home with you either. Learn to let things go. ✅

I didn't realize how much I had began to rely on music until one day I walked around my community without it.

And it felt weird, GAWD it was quiet! lol

But I enjoyed being with my thoughts again. They came out hiding, like for real! Suddenly I was back to admiring the nature and seeing so many beautiful butterflies pass by me. The sky looked more vibrant, I mean things were just starting to pop. I was making inside jokes at random events and things as I walked by, I felt like I was having an "inner child" moment. I enjoyed it so much until I actually drove home without cutting on any music, listening to the rhythm of Charlie (my car). And I noticed how this robotic sound that I'd never heard before when Charlie starts changing gears... it made me think about how Transformers sound when they're changing from their car form to their regular autobot nature lol.

My mind went some places ya'll.

But it was cool because lately my mind has just been ANGRY. It's been mad, concerned of nothing more than the stresses of work, bitter people and irritating drivers on the road.

And for that, I've also been good with practicing remaining calm. I've had my slip ups but nothing too severe. I remember when I was young, I was very passive. Things just slid right off of me, I genuinely didn't care back then. Somewhere between then and now, I became someone who just had to let people know when I felt WRONGED.

I'm slowly beginning to go back to that old inner child and try not to trip so much. Everything does not warrant a battle. Sometimes, things just is and people just are. I have to go back to learning to pick and choose my battles again. If I keep trying to fight every battle that pops up, I'm gonna be too exhausted to fight the WAR.

And that's not the kind of place I'm trying to find myself in.

My biggest trigger is tailgating drivers on the road and they are plentiful on this planet!

And it's ironic because I LOVE to drive, but herelately, I just never want to leave the house. It's like I'm letting those people take my joy from me.

So no, I still go. I turn my mirrors away sometimes when I get to anxious and just go my speed. If there's that one driver that's trying to speed up and get in front of me, I don't (always) hijack my own speed to cut him off lol. I keep driving the speed I want and if he goes faster than me, than by all means. If he doesn't.... he usually doesn't make it in front lol.

I'm also learning how to be cordial with people I don't like. Or if it's people I do like that I have wronged me, I'm learning how address them in firm tones and be tactful, but still be loving about it. And I've had my share of issues from people who talk at you (don't you hate that?) to know-it-alls, people who don't want to try and work things out, oh it's just a HANDFUL of conflicts you know?

But when it comes down to it, I just don't want to be bitter and screwed over by life. People in this world can be MEAN and downright SELFISH. I can't let that irritate who I am or who I wanna be. Choices.... it's all about choices.

Life Goal(s):
  • Continue to not return evil for evil
  • Compliment one person at least twice this week

10 Reasons To Be Grateful

  1. I'm grateful for getting up this morning
  2. I'm grateful that I am at least able to support myself
  3. I'm grateful for all the people who believe in my work and dreams
  4. I'm grateful for all the struggles I've been through because I'm finally realizing their place in my life
  5. I'm grateful for technology.
  6. I'm grateful for my jeans from new york and company lol
  7. I'm grateful for humor. I'd be so lost without it.
  8. I'm grateful for opportunities and how they always come at a great time
  9. I'm grateful for contact lenses! Now I can wear shades!
  10. I'm grateful for being here. Because there's so many people who aren't.

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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