Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cycle 16

Okay, so this was my second run around with moving wash day to bi-weekly instead of weekly. During this 2 week session, I did end up retwisting last saturday after one full week of wearing the twists and I think in the end it helped more when it came to cleansing my hair because my scalp didn't start burning this time around. So that's a plus! :)


This wash day, I would say finger detangling took longer than I would normally expect it too. I average my finger detangling times around 30-45 minutes, today felt like it went to about an hour and maybe some minutes OVER. I had a lot of shed hairs getting trapped at the roots of my hair so it took a little more time and patience to get those smoothed down through the hair.

I'll also note that I kinda fell from taking my iron and multivitamin tablets... so I feel like I lost more hair than I probably should've but it wasn't too much of a difference... I don't think? This is the hair that was lost after today's wash day...

Yeah. But other than that, finger detangling was about as normal as any other wash day. And also applying the bentonite clay was just as simple.

That bag from Bulk Apothecary is still lasting me too! I think I still got about a good 2-4 uses out of it left. But, I'll also note that I'm starting to use more clay during my wash days. My normal amounts don't seem to cover as much ground as they used to so I frequently find myself JUST making it or having to make a little more int he end. For me, that may mean my hair might really be growing some more this month and it makes me eager for another length check!

So without further adieu, this was my hair post-the wash day process. It looks a little roughed up here since I actually decided to wear my hair out for a day or so.

Now, something I wanted to add because this whole two weeks I had been moisturizing by means of spritzing my twists with aloe vera juice and letting it baggy overnight. And while the concept and most of the results worked in my favor, the ending twistout wasn't exactly what I had grown accustomed to.

It still ended up looking beautiful, but my hair felt drier than it normally would've. And then to also add, the ends were kind of knotting? I don't know if they need a trim or if it was just a lack of heavy moisture on them that would give them slip, but the takedown required me to be more careful than I normally used to. I don't this idea is bad one, but I do think that my hair requires heavier moisturizers and stylers to get the type of style that I'm going for. Aloe vera juice alone is probably not enough moisture..... or maybe it is but it just needs to be sealed in. I guess I have a lot more trouble shooting to do.

But for the time being, this was the resulting twist out...

And then after hopping in the shower, finger detangling and what not and then briefly mixing up my bentonite clay and applying it to my hair....

I also wanted to note another feat. I'm noticing these days after applying my clay mixture, my hair hangs a LOT longer than I remember! It's starting feel weird feeling hair all down my hair as opposed to it being more around my neck and shoulders. And something else is that I feel like my front section is beginning to define more. I mean it was defining before but nowadays the curls really seem to be popping instead of just.... falling lol. The front seems more springy than it usually is, so I guess that's another accomplishement!

And finally, rinsing and pre-deep conditioned hair...

And to deep condition, still using the Mystic Divine's Luminous Shine Smoothing Masque to finish the job! I am currently deep conditioning now and will continue to do so overnight. And in the morning, will be trying out the first of a few hauls to come. This first trial? Qhemet Biologics and I'm so excited already!!!

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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