Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cycle 15

Okay, so I had wash day on Sunday. And it had been two weeks since my last wash day, so I did notice a few differences.

First of all, using suave conditioner as a "moisturizer"... while it does keep my hair soft, it creates MAJOR flakes which always makes the awesome twistout pretty much unwearable cause it just looks like.... snow! I look like a freaking Mount Everest! lol Something else I'll note is that the ends tend to tangle more because of this. The conditioner seems to sit right there at my ends (maybe I over-apply it?) and by the end of the two weeks, it's so smushed in my ends, trying to untangle them, while it's not tedious, it's not exactly something I'm used to either. This problem could probably be prevented if I either found a better moisturizer and / or retwisted in between wash days... So this is the twistout, pre-wash snow monster thing lol...

And of course you can't see the flaking like I see them but trust me... it was beyond noticeable.

So without further adieu, the beginnings of WASH DAY! And this is the hair that I lost throughout the process...

I actually feel like that's pretty small... for TWO WEEKS?? I don't think I lost much at all (which kinda tells me that maybe my iron levels were low.... DID YOU KNOW that iron deficiency can make your hair fall out more?)

Finger detangling my hair is easy but it's still time consuming. I tried to gain a bit more of time estimate of what it takes to detangle my hair. I feel like it takes me an hour to completely finger detangle my hair in the shower, and would probably be triple that if I decided to do it outside of the shower.

And then I quickly whipped up my bentonite clay mix (that bag from Bulk Apothecary is still running strong!) and applied that to my hair.

Now while letting the bentonite clay sit, is where I noticed that my scalp actually began to tingle. And then it reminded me when many years ago, when I had first went natural, I had shunned bentonite clay!! I remember that experience like it was yesterday. It was burning my scalp so much til I couldn't even leave it on for 15 minutes. I think after about 8 minutes, I gave up and doused my head in the shower like I had been living on a desert planet for a thousand years and had JUST learned of the glory that is cool water on a scalp lol... okay maybe I'm exaggerating. But it was painful for me. And while this time did not get as bad, I was still able to let it sit for about 20 minutes, it was just a flashback.

But I mean, I've done 14 cycles with it and up until now, I've never had that problem. And I know it's not the brand, because I've been using bulk apothecary's brand for a couple wash days as well and never had that problem.

I think it's just because my scalp was dirty this time. I mean, two weeks with no water rinsing or anything is bound to leave a scalp smelling like swamp funk lol. But at the same time, I'm glad to know that my scalp apparently, is barely ever dirty. Having a clean healthy scalp is the first step to happy and healthy hair right?

It could've also been all that conditioner build up as well. I'm not kidding about all the flakes!

And so, I hopped back in the shower to rinse it out and this was the result...

Haha, it's funny to me because I'm so used to seeing my hair this way after wash day. I seem to forget how in the past, hopping out of the shower with my hair loose was like walking through a landmine field....blindfolded....in the dark.

I forget how my hair used to look like a big ball of cotton after being combed through a hundred ways. And how terrible my pre-wash hair would look like. Yo, regardless of how many flakes are piled on my hair, the twistouts that my hair falls into when taking down my twists would put my past hair to SHAME. Compared to my past hair, my present's hair state signals so much more health, so  much more thickness, so much everything!

My hair has definitely changed within a matter of months and I'm getting so used to it! Which is good. Now I have a good idea of what my hair should look and feel like when I use products, and wash my hair, and anything else. It should have these kind of results. Cause this is my hair at it's optimal state.

As for wearing these twists for two weeks.... I'm gonna try it once more. This time I may try to re-twist midway through it... possibly do a little water rinse in between to help keep the scalp kind of clean and then re-twist. But we'll see...

But until next time!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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