Monday, October 24, 2016

~Length Check~ From September to October '16

Okay, so I am going to show two length checks I suppose since that's what I did in my previous post. I did one length check from the nape area, and then another length check from the area right above my nape area. My nape is generally the shortest area so far, well, maybe aside from the top that I cut down but that's been growing too.

I figured since the nape is generally the shortest and somehow the hardest to retain length in, if I monitor that area and see that it's growing than I think it can be safe to assume that the rest of my hair is growing and retaining as well.

But without further adieu, here, first is my length check comparison from September 25 to October 16. This is my nape area...

I think it's safe to say here that I definitely gained and retained some length. How much? I don't know... I'd say that's a pretty safe inch.

And yes, these length checks were done in the exact same spot.I guess I'll continue to do these length checks on twist sets, cause it's easy for me to grab the exact same spot for the nape which is usually the second (or middle) twist on the last row of the back-left section. And I'll also note that my hair had been freshly twisted and detangled and fairly damp as well in both pictures.

And then, here is the length check from the area right above that nape section for the dates of September 25 to October24...

The commonality between these two pictures is that they are both done on dry hair that had been in a set of twists for at least a week. So they both have fairly the same amount of shrinkage (and possibly shedded strands lol) and stretching capability.

I feel like my bra strap was set lower in the length check that I did today... I don't know if it's just my eyes trying to make my hair look like it grew alot or if it really is a reality, but I do believe it retained some length if nothing else.

So, all in all, I think the protective styling is working in my favor and I'm gonna continue doing it. Up until I started incorporating twists into my regimen again, I was starting to feel like my hair was not retaining any length cause I wasn't seeing it get that far past my bra strap, if anything, it was barely getting past it.

I mean, I guess I kinda "was" protective styling but I was using buns as a means to get through. And I suppose while that works for others, maybe buns is not a sort of "protective style" for my hair. Because my hair still tangles and matts together in buns regardless of how often I take it down and re-bun (which is normally done on a daily basis as well).

I've worn buns for 2 weeks at a time before and the ending result is MUCH different than when I wear twists for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of wearing buns, my hair is normally a lot more tangled and especially in the middle, the hair starts to matt together making my finger detangling sessions longer than they really need to be. Plus, buns do not exactly "keep my hair stretched", my hair still gets the ability to shrink which in turn causes even MORE tangling. When in twists, the strands can't generally shrink anymore than the twists will allow them to so my hair stays fairly detangled throughout keeping them in. The only hair that's really built up in them is the shedded strands and breakage, if there is any.

Sooooooooooooo.... do I have any hair goals? At least from now until the end of the year. It's basically just November and December from hereon out. I guess I'll just keep maintaining this bi-weely regimen I have going. My next wash day cycle will be this upcoming... weekend lol.

Oh! And an update with moisturizing with the Mystic Divine leave in with avocado oil though... it... I think it's too light for my hair. At least for how I like it to be. It's not a type of moisturizer that will keep my hair moisturized all day... let alone a couple days. The avocado oil definitely did hold it in a little bit more and it was a bit more silkier but it wasn't what I'm accustomed to it being.

So it's not going to be a "daily moisturizer" for me. It's the type of moisturizer I would probably use as I said before, when I need my hair to be dry within a day or... maybe on a wash and go... Maybe on hair that has been blowdried or... possibly even straightened / pressed. It's a nice light leave in... maybe that's the point of it?

Maybe it's just supposed to light enough to leave in but not to entirely moisturize.... I don't know. I like it, I really do. I'll just have to find a different purpose for it but until then... it's back to suave naturals and avocado oil combination. It seems to be working for me at the time.

I'm hoping that if I continue to retain and grow this kind of length each month, that'd mean I'd get about 2 inches more by the end of December and that may put me at around Waist Length.... on a good day lol.

I don't know, should I flat iron by the end of the year?

Ehhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm..... -______-"

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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