Sunday, October 9, 2016

It Really Is Hard To Say Goodbye...

To your

Yesterday, I can't believe it. I'm still rather shocked and a bit disheartened that I had to trade in long time friend and greatest inanimate pal EVER................. ♥ Maggie ♥

But in reality, it was for the best, though I probably could've went about the whole matter better. Maggie had been breaking down over the months and this week was like the final few straws. She made our last journey memorable, a whole hour long journey strolling at nearly 30mph from work back home stuck in traffic on the highway while trying to make it home before freaking HURRICANE MATTHEW rolled through! lol Yeah, just haaaaaaad to go out with a bang.

And on a side note, I hope all those made it through Hurricane Matthew safely, especially on the East Coast.

So Maggie chilled all through the hustle and bustle that was an angry hurricane. And then when I tried to go and get her checked out yesterday, she barely clicked over. The acceleration was pretty much non-existent. If cars really had guts, I think Maggie would've been puking hers all over the place, because that's what it felt like driving her. Just jerky at every single stop.

I ended up at Pep Boys, waiting there for what felt like an excruciatingly LONG 2.5 hours before they came and told me that ultimately, the transmission was going bad.

And I know just from my dad's many lectures that transmissions are not cheap to fix.

So I thought about swiping a transmission fix on a credit card, I really did. But then I thought about it and realized... that probably would not be the smartest option in the long run. Lets just put the transmission aside. Maggie still needed new breaks, possibly new rotors, new spark plugs, and plus it was already badly damaged from 2 accidents (one main one and then another slight one). The side mirror was hanging on for dear life and besides that, the back side on the passengers side was snapped off from my first wreck and I was getting tired of making daily stops on the side of the highway to play a quick round of arts of crafts and patch up my car's behind.

Maggie had truly come to the end of her road... at least with me. She seems to cry up and down the highway with all the noisiness.

But can I tell you how HARD it was to let her go? Heck, I'm sitting here tearing up right now. lol It's embarrassing to say but I shed tears over that car like it was a dead dog or something. I didn't realize how much I looked at that Nissan to be my best friend.

But sometimes... sometimes the greatest friends... are the ones who never say a word. lol Maybe that's why people are usually so obsessively close to their pets....and their cars.

Geez, I was ultimately excited at the thought of bringing home a new ride. But as I signed paper after paper, PAPER after PAPER, my heart started to tear up bit by bit. I held my composure for the most part at the dealership, not wanting to look all weird and awkward crying over an old and worn out vehicle.... but I got home last night and just let the pillows have it!

I don't know what the emotions were for, I guess because... I've just become attached to it! I've cried in that car, hit the end of my ROAD in that car, thought I wasn't going to make it through life in that car! That car has swerved off the road and protected me, has been there for every early morning drive and late night trip to get some fried chicken. To the beaches, through different cities. She was there when I was hunting down for my first apartment, there to listen to all my heartfelt screaming and joyous cries. Allowed me (most of the time) to blast my music and scream along to each song even if it was painful to hear. She has supported me, my family and even friends in times of needs whether they were good memories or bad ones. Countless times can I recollect of driving endless miles just trying to wash away stress and everything else to go with it... She was my friend........................ yesterday I truly realized....

She wasn't just a car.

I love my Mags, I really do. lol And I thought it was only appropriate that I give her a proper a blog. A blog about keeping it coily........................ and calm :)

Ultimately, I brought home a brand new Nissan Sentra.... 2016. I originally thought about calling "Maggie 2.0" but the more I said it, the more it hurt and made me resent the purchase. So I gave him a new name... yes "He". When I drive it, it feels more masculine.

I honestly didn't want to name this car, because I didn't want to get attached to anymore vehicles as odd as that ALREADY sounds lol. But, I am not me without my many random adventures and I've already had a few with this one.

Guys, please help me welcome to the family...

CHARLIE MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

And if you've ever watched runJDrun's playthroughs.... you already know lol!

♥ Keep it calm and coily

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