Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Think Nelly's Growing Again!

Naptural85 is my hair inspiration!!!
It hasn't been a month since my last official length check (which should be on the 25th... so about ten more days) but I got the urge to check my length just now.

I believe protective styling is going to be the key to getting me to all those "beyond lengths" that I haven't been able to get past lol.

Man, I thought I'd be able to get past MBL and WL even with wearing my hair out all the time but I guess that ain't gonna happen for me.

Since I've been keeping my hair in chunky twists all the time, I have definitely seen a major increase of length in a short period of time! I think WL may be in the "Goals Reached in 2016" list lol! It's starting to seem much more doable this time around.

So I guess I am going to keep on with this protective styling regimen I got going. I know I was kind of wayward about sticking to it for a long time but really... how can I turn away from the very thing that's helping me get through?

But honestly, it's not like I do my hair that much anyway. I'm not some style queen machine as much as I would like to think I might be one day.... I'll probably never have the patience to sit there and morph my hair into a different style every day... or even every week.

Gawd, I'm so plane jane lol.

I think my issue is just having my hair locked away... and I start to miss it. But I guess some months of protective styling is better than no months. Because as I've seen just between the length check in July to my most recent one in September... my hair growth WILL delay.

There was barely any progress between those two length checks at all, if any. But during that time frame (well, before I started incorporating chunky twists into my regimen), I had been wearing my hair out a lot and plus I kinda fell off of my regimen for close to a month. And the effects were priceless when I saw that my hair hadn't really budged in September.

But it has truly budged this month! I'm excited to do another length check!

Or perhaps I should save it until December? Make it a more dramatic reveal lol.

I mean, it's only two months til December, and we're already halfway to November... I don't know I just get so anxious to compare. I don't think I can hide my hair for that long without comparing it.

I'll stick with monthly. :)

And THIS MONTH, I'll be length checking.... I guess my next wash day cause I think I'm going to keep these twists in for 2 weeks again. I'm thinking that if I reach Waist Length by the end of December, I might, I just might (no promises) finally flat iron my hair. It's been AGES since I last straightened my hair, I'm thinking about 6 years at the least, and so I haven't seen my hair straightened since then..... hmm, it's a thought.

But as for now, let me go get started on this wash day lol...

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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