Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cycle 14

Alrighty! So we have now made it to wash day number 14! (Can't believe I'm still counting these wash days lol)

I started by kind of wearing the twistout and so by the end of the day (and many hours of pineappling later) this was what Nelly was looking like...

So big and fluffy! ♥

I then begin my hopping in the shower and detangling again with suave naturals strawberry conditioner within 4 sections. It seems to get easier each time I do it honestly. But with my hair being locked up in twists for two weeks, I had more shedded hairs...

I think that is pretty average for a two week span, don't ya think?

I then proceeded to mix up my bentonite clay and apply it as normal. My hair continues to melt into their clumps when I do this clay treatment, I LOVE this regimen I have to say. This is by far the best my hair has been in terms of health, definition, and look. But anyways, here is my hair after it was all applied...

I did a side by side comparison on my phone and my hair has definitely gotten longer since at least 2 months ago. It's also become more... compact? Is that the word I'm looking for? It's like the frizziness of my hair has come down a lot especially around the ends. Maybe it's just that I've gotten better at saturating my hair in the clay or maybe my hair is really responding to this regimen, but it's little to no frizz, it's more compact and clumped and it seems to have more weight to it than before. :) I dig it though.

I'm not noticing any elongation though, with the more that I use this regimen. My coils seem to still be in tact as far as that's concerned. There's no "relaxing nature" in my hair, but the curl pattern IS being enhanced and becoming more prominent. So I'm cool with that.

After rinsing out, here are the results...

I think it's pretty safe to say that Nelly has pretty much reached Maximum Hydration. I've been doing this regimen for about 3+ months now and I can't really tell too much of a difference from the past 4-6 wash cycles. My curls seem to come out the same way.

Granted, the handling of it gets easier and I'm still experiencing new things and minor triumphs, but I think overall, this may be the result of my hair at it's maximum potential... Maybe? Who knows. It's very curly from root to tips, easy to handle and manage, finger detangling has NEVER been such a breeze and many other factors!

Currently, I am now deep conditioning, OH! I went to Sally's and bought up some more of Mystic Divine's products...

Mystic Divine's Nourishing Leave In Conditioner and their Luminous Shine Smoothing Styling Oil. I plan on using them when I put in my chunky twists tomorrow...or whenever. But as it stands right now, I am deep conditioning.

You guys, today was the final round for that first jar!

That jar lasted me a good 7 Wash Cycles. BOOM!

In my opinion, that's a big achievement! To be coming out of an 8 ounce JAR!?!?! That's a major accomplishment. I would think someone with my hair and thicker would be through with this jar by the 4th wash day but this deep conditioner has exceeded my expectations!

Yeah... I think it has beaten out my ORS Replenishing Deep Conditioner THOUGH it will not go unused. I will still use ORS every now and then (especially when I want a more citrus-y scent) but as it stands... Mystic Divine's is becoming a new love.

We'll see how their leave in conditioner and smoothing oil goes. And as for the empty jar? I'm gonna keep that for future butter making purposes. (I just really love the packaging lol) :)

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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