Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cycle 13

I notice more and more of difference, especially in strength when it comes to wash day. These days, I've opted to start finger detangling in the shower first and then proceed with my clay application and follow my routine accordingly. What I'm noticing is how much... stronger my strands have been?

I think the reason why I backed away from finger detangling so much in the past was because it was opposite. It was as if my hair broke off more when done in the shower with conditioner as opposed to out of the shower. I mean, obviously, water is needed to detangle hair (well... majority of the times...). But for my hair, in the past anyway, having it soaked with conditioner and then on top of that raking a comb through it while under running water just seemed to make my hair snap off even more.

I wonder why the difference?

But, it may have been because my strands weren't as moisturized and nourished as they are today. My curls definitely clump together more often and the itty broken strands are becoming a thing of the past more and more everyday, even with this wash day!! I'll say about 97% of all strands coming from my head are shedded. I can feel my strands getting sturdier and firmer and they don't snap around as easily as they used to. Definitely progress in my opinion.

Okay, moment over. NOW onto wash day :)

Wash day began with me heading down to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a hair catcher. I didn't realize that hair catchers were made for the tubs that had that "pull up stopper" and when I got wind of it, I headed right on over to get one of them bad boys! Tired of my drain stopping up once a month lol...

I felt as if it really did it's job! It's weighted with the metal so it didn't flip all around in the shower and it drained well. So glad I have this in my life! And without further adieu... today's hair loss...

And this is what the drainer caught throughout the entire process...

Today wasn't different than any other wash day... of recent cycles... Started by taking down my chunky twists and it was separated into yet another gorgeous twist out!

Pretty much!

And then the clay mixture was mixed up and applied in the shower.

One thing I'm loving about the clay application... my hair just seems to automatically divide into it's own sections and clumps.

I feel like my hair is getting to a point where it's like... trained. Just with even finger detangling, the coils just seem to automatically find their homes over and over again.

There's just such a difference to me in finger detangling now as opposed to finger detangling before. Before, I would finger detangle, and it would seem to tangle right back up. There was like no kind of order whatsoever unless I kept my hair twisted up. I guess that's why I felt it didn't work for me, especially when over the course of a MONTH my roots would matt up like crazy!

I've been finger detangling for about 4 months now, I've only used my wide tooth comb once in this time period (and that was after pretty much a month of not doing anything to it), and I have to say, I've really watched my hair progress because of this.

Maybe because finger detangling doesn't completely obliterate my curl pattern, it just removes the shed hair and keeps the clump in tact. So that when conditioner is run through it (and then a clay), it seems to just form back into the curl it originally was and I guess that's why I feel like my hair is trained. I guess with finger detangling, my hair is retaining it's curl pattern memory haha, what the HECK IS THAT!? lol

I mean, if I were to go through with my wide tooth comb, the comb would comb out my entire curl pattern. And if I go through with my denman brush, it tries to re-create curls in my hair but it's not how my hair wants to curl up naturally. I guess with finger detangling, like I said before it's enough force to remove any shed hairs that need to be removed and matted hairs that need to be freed, but not so much force that each ringlet looses the memory of the curl it was. And then, in essence the more memory the curl pattern retains, the easier it is for it to return back to it come next wash day...

Does that make any sense?

Or have I just exposed my kraziness!?!?!??? lol

Anyways, here is what the clay application looked like...


Hopped in the shower to thoroughly rinse and here are some pics of it completely naked and free of product...

On the other hand... I feel like my front is trying to outgrow it's cut... Perhaps that's why I feel like my hair is not growing in the back... because it's trying to focus on growing the front out to it's usual mutated-ly long length... I don't know, we'll see...

But for now, that's it!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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