Monday, October 3, 2016

Buttermilk Chicken?? Yaaaaaaas!!!

Man, since I've moved out on my own I've been living faithfully off of fast food and microwaveables. Ha, and I remember before I moved out, I swore that I would be one of those women who cooked all their meals and prepared it for lunch and yada yada yada....

Yeah, that was BEFORE all the 10 hour shifts, 2 hour commute times, and 100% authentic laziness that set in. Along with the idea of having to stand there and WAIT for my food to be ready in hours as opposed to a quick pop in the microwave for like 1-2 minutes.

But today. I really, really wanted an actual.... dinner (how sad is that to say!? lol). Something that kinda made me feel like I was home.

So I scoured across youtube in search of a start to some good home southern-whatever cooking and ran across this video...

I don't know what it was about this video as opposed to all the others that I come across that made me actually jump up and run to Walmart, but I sho'll did and do NOT regret it. I used to cook all the time but these days, thinking about cooking is bout as draining as thinking about doing my HAIR.

I'm so off and on with this life-thang lol.

I followed it pretty closely. Only things that I changed up was that I used "poultry seasoning" in place of the Adobo (I couldn't find any!). I used these dried and chopped onions not minced (I was tired of running around Walmart #NotAshamed!) and then I didn't have a draining sheet or whatever to drain the chicken so you know.... YOLO lol..... (shutup Ms K....).

I also semi-deep fried. I bought a cast iron skillet and I LOVE IT so much!!!! I cooked them for 15 minutes like the recipe suggests (it's written in his description box) but instead of just leaving them alone, I let one side fry for like 7-8 minutes and then turned it and let it cook the rest of the way.

I also made up a side of mashed potatoes and got some store-bought mustard potato salad. It was all so good! I think I'll truly be trying more recipes from this dude! He just makes it look so simple!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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