Saturday, October 15, 2016

2 Weeks Of Protective Styling

Okay, so I missed last wash day completely. I haven't had energy and it's gotten so bad til now it's affecting my breathing, and I'm starting to feel like I'm gasping for air. Part of me think my anxiety is getting bad (???) and another part of me thinks my iron levels might be extremely low. I do have a history of iron deficiency anemia.

So to avoid any guessing games, I'll be going to a physician on Monday... I haven't had a doctor in YEARS. But we can start ex-ing some things off and starting fresh and clean. I mean, my hair shouldn't be the only part on my body that's gaining tremendous health.... right?

So. Because I haven't had any energy to do my hair, I've extended the time I had my medium twists in. I still continued to moisturize on a daily basis with suave conditioner (I didn't really seal with an oil for the second week though...) and tie it up in my satin bonnet and black scarf. For the most part, I gotta say it retained very well.

If anything, the biggest issue was just that the conditioner was starting to "sit" on the ends of my hair which kinda made them like "mesh" together but not really. It wasn't really a cause for concern but because the conditioner was "setting" more on my hair, it started to create more flakes in my hair, especially at the ends.

But takedown wasn't hard at all. The twists still glided apart fairly easy and they separated into yet another wonderful twistout! One that I decided to wear out this time...

On the real though, I might start extending wash day to every two weeks now especially since I most likely will continue to wear these medium chunky twists (they're just too easy to manage!). I know for one thing, it'll definitely help decrease how much bentonite clay I use within a month lol. I'll have to see how Nelly reacts to being deep conditioned twice a week... or who knows? I might still deep condition once a week, but just clay wash it twice a week...

Okay, the regimen might be going through another tweak lol.

I thought I was going to wash my hair today... I might still do so later on tonight but I am exhausted yet again... and the only thing I've really done is wash my car and do a little cleaning around the house and get something to eat.

This is really not like me, so I'm just waiting to get this doctor's office now...

But until then... I really am digging this regimen!!!

It's just so easy, so simple. My hair is staying protected, staying moisturized, retaining it's curl pattern and being enhanced more. It's got health, shine, sheen, and I'm still doing good without needing a trim (I feel).

I might even be ballsy enough to flat iron by the end of the year!!! O_O"

Yeah right..... -______________-"

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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