Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 2 of the Medium-ish-shish-ness

Yeah, so since last week's rendezvous with the chunky twists set lead to one of thee most gorgeous twistouts I've ever had!... I decided to go for it again. I still don't think I'll be wearing the twistout at any point this week because I'm really trying to protective style for the most part so that I can retain more length.

And yes... I have more edited photos. Since all this new editing software and gadgets, I actually get really excited about taking pictures now!

Hair with deep conditioner still in it after being soaked overnight.

So, I usually start in the back. I unravel one twist at a time and then coat with castor oil making sure to seal all the moisture in all everywhere, and then I divide that section in half. Herelately, I put about 2 twists on the bottom row and then 3 twists on the top row. I usually end up with somewhere around 5-6 twists in each section. And just twist all the way to ends and you're done.

And finished!♥

This took me somewhere around 45 minutes to do I think. Makes for a nice simple style but the result, as I learned from yesterday, is a BOMB.COM RUN AND TELL YA MOM I JUST DROPPED A NEW CD ROM CALLED "COME GET SOME" twistout lol! Yes, I was soooo feeling that twistout yesterday!!

So the upkeep will most likely generally be the same from last week. I just applied suave naturals strawberry conditioner to the twists each and every morning, loosely bunned it and wrapped it in my satin bonnet and black scarf. I don't spray my twists either. For me, I think that aids my twists in "matting together" so I don't spritz my hair with water. Conditioner is water enough in my opinion and it soaks in just fine, I feel.

So yeah. Hopefully this week is even better!!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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