Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Length Check ~September~

I am picking a specific spot to do length checks. For my previous ones, I was just kind of randomly picking spots around my nape and I'm not sure if it's misleading me or not. My nape has always been shorter than the rest of my hair, and significantly as well, by about a couple of inches I would think.

So I'm gonna change it up and just make sure that I am checking the NAPE since it so easily gets mixed in with everything else. And I figured, what better way to figure out the nape section than when I have my hair in twists? So here is my "new" starting length check I suppose...

Like I said it's significantly shorter than the rest of my hair, so that's why it looks like I've been trimming my hair or something but no. I think this is better to measure since it's the shorter part of my hair, if this part is getting longer, than I can be positive that the rest of my hair is even longer! Here is a picture of my hair (this was yesterday before I proceeded to finger detangle) with me pulling from the section right above my nape... just to show the difference in length.

I think it's about an inch difference. But I'm going to stick with the nape for now and see how this progresses throughout the month. Yeah, after that major growth spurt in July, I haven't really seen much retention with my hair as far as length went. Sometimes I wonder if my hair has a terminal length of BSL-MBL cause that's where it always seems to stop.

I'm gonna see how protective styling benefits me and if it helps because during those months, I was wearing my hair down a lot, trying to embrace all the curling and shrinkage that was happening. The most I did with protective styling was bunning, and bunning isn't the greatest choice of protective styling for my hair, in my opinion. I don't know, it just makes it easier for my hair to matt as opposed to being twisted and in a bun or whatever.

But for right now, this is my starting length. What I'm proud of is how thick and healthy it looks from root to tip. So at the very least, my length checks are maintaining their thickness and not thinning out too much toward the ends unlike how they used to back in the day.

I haven't done another trim on my hair since the cut I did at the very beginning of this regimen and I don't feel like one is necessary now. My ends curl very well and if there are any knots, I usually snip them out right then and there. But they curl up very nicely, I don't have a problem with dry, frayed out ends at all these days. My hair truly looks healthy to me. And I feel I can get at the very least, another 3 months of wear before a trim is to be considered.

But yeah, that's the length check for now. And where will it be by the end of the year? We shall see....

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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