Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Moisturizing My Twists

I'm excited to report how healthy and juicy my ends look! It's been about... how many months since I did that cut? About 3-4 months and going since I've done a major/contemplated/evenly measured trim on my hair, aside from all the snipping of single strands knots that I do every now and then.

Today I came home and was excited to play in my twists tonight! They, of course look scruffy, which is why the black scarf is and will always be, mah buddy. But they were very soft and the ends are just so healthy!

I have very, very little random breakage, still after all this time. When I went all "hiatus" for a month, the little bitty breakage did go up a bit, but since I've gotten back on track with my regimen, it has come down a great deal. Since I've been doing chunky twists, my normal "moisturizing routine" has been to simply apply conditioner to my hair, ends up to the roots, and this week, I've also decided to start sealing in the moisture with a little avocado oil....

I don't mist my hair with water first, I like for the conditioner to go on thick and not diluted. I guess with my hair, I don't know. I feel like more of it soaks into my hair as opposed to feeling like it'll evaporate out. So no, I don't mist my hair before applying conditioner anymore, at least not with chunky twists.

I also have nixed the misting with water step to help prevent my twists from frizzing up so MUCH. At the most, these twists last a week. But last week, I noticed my twists seemed to be less frizzy and slipped out of their twists easier as opposed to how they used to, I mean the difference isn't dramatic or anything, but I did notice a slightly easier takedown as opposed to previous takedowns of twist sets.

This week, I've decided to start sealing my hair with avocado oil as I've stated. I feel that is contributing to maintaining softness in my twists throughout the day. Avocado oil is a fairly light oil, and is one of those super oils, I think because it's full of antioxidants or something, nutrients that are good for the heart, soul and body. I used to know what it was good for but it's been a minute since I did research on oils lol. Perhaps I'll look into it again... who knows.

I usually moisturize in the mornings and do nothing to it at night besides throw my satin bonnet atop of it. Tonight, this is how my twists were looking...

I'm thinking about doing chunky twists for maybe a month or two. Depends. I'm not going to challenge myself to anymore challenges. I'm just gonna do what it do. I love the idea of having a protective style in for a couple months at a time and challenging myself to keep to hardcore protective style challenges, but I always ALWAYS end up missing my hair. And then there goes my committment to keeping my hair hidden and feeling like I'm wasting my life away because I decided to go a month protective styling my hair and blah blah blah woe is me lol.

So for right now, the chunky twists are doing it. They're satisfying the protective gene I need and giving me bomb twistouts at the end of the week. They're easy to moisturize and seal, and when it comes time to finger detangle, absolutely incredible! And being able to see my healthy ends curl up all the time is definitely an added benefit for me. It allows me to really see the health of my hair and monitor it.

So they're working right now. Will they still be working a month from now? Who knows. But lets just stick with the now, you know?

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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