Saturday, September 17, 2016

Medium Chunky Twist Set

Man, I haven't done a twist set on my hair in a minute! And it's not even remotely decent enough to wear out so I'll probably still be wrapping a scarf or throwing a beanie over it lol.

But, I assume it will help with retaining hair length maybe... that is if I still even want to grow my hair longer than it already is. So this morning, I left the deep conditioner in and coated with castor oil as I normally do and then began to twist medium sections in each of 4 sections. I believe I ended up with about 6 twists in each section so there's about 24 twists in my hair altogether. And here were the finished results...

I really don't think my hair has gotten any longer since the last time I posted a length check here. I haven't done any random trimming or cutting, but maybe it's been breaking off since I hadn't been keeping up with it for an entire month!

But sometimes I wonder if my hair will EVER get past this length. I believe the longest my hair has been is maybe a couple inches past what it is now... But I have never been able to attain waist length, let alone hip length or CLASSIC.

Sooo... maybe I need to jump back into protective styling a little bit more? I don't know... my hair seems kind of weird these days. But for now, the twists will help my hair stay stretched and be easily moisturized now that I hardly want to expend much time on it... We'll see...

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥
~ Mskraizy

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