Monday, September 26, 2016

~Gardening~ Kawaii Is NOT Being Chill

I hope I'm not missing anything. But Kawaii is showing no signs of being chill anytime soon. I've been doing alot of research, I gave her (and Loyal) some fertilizer yesterday and lightly watered it, she gets as much sun as my little shaded patio can afford to give her, I don't know what else she wants!

After a stormy afternoon, I walk outside on my patio to see even MORE flourishing yellow leaves hanging on for dear life!


Out of sheer panic (lol yes I panic for my plants lol), I added two pumps more of fertilizer and then hopped on the Magic 8 Ball that is Google and had at the research again. And now I'm wondering...

Maybe the plant is trying to enter dormancy????

I don't know, I've never "winter-ized" a plant before! I hope that's all this plant is going through and not that I'm being a completely oblivious gardening NOOB.

It was so many yellow leaves on the ground around it's pot. Maybe it is going through dormancy. And I guess I'll have to wait til like next March to see any new blooms...hopefully. I don't know, I just hope Kawaii still has her health. Should I go ahead and bring the plant indoors?

I mean it's FLORIDA. It's not gonna be winter until the last week of January! And even then it's not gonna last any longer than the first week of February!

Dang Kawaii.... why no chill?!?!!!???

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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