Sunday, September 11, 2016

Gardening and Crochet??

So, in the midst of the entire month I was gone, I picked up some new hobbies and habits.

First hobby habit?


I've always tried to be at one with my naturistic side. But I just never had a green thumb... or at least the patience... to maintain even a plant. But now that I'm living in my own place... I got into the idea of starting a Patio Garden, and maybe possibly be able to grow some of my own produce. I just thought that was a really cool idea to be able to pick tomatoes or carrots or even herbs and whatever from my own patio and save bucks and on the contrary, eat cleaner on a stretched dollar you know?

But before I actually hopped into the grand idea that I had of having a small patio booming with colorful vegetation, I wanted to test my ability on maintaining a few plants. I have two. One that I received at a gathering and another one that I thought I purchased from Walmart (but ended up actually receiving it for free... I think the cashier didn't realize it didn't ring or something... I didn't either until I got home lol... maybe it just didn't have a tag...)

But these are my two babies!

"Loyal" is a spider plant that I received at a gathering for free.

"Kawaii" is a hibiscus plant that I received free from walmart (it was clearance anyway lol)

These pics were actually taken a couple weeks ago when I first got them. Kawaii has so far been attacked by a snail lol (yes, even on a screened in patio...). After plucking that sucker, I surrounded crushed eggshells around the base of the plant and I haven't seen any other ones though I'm sure they'll probably find a way eventually.

I think it may be because the weather is starting to get cooler because none of the buds are blooming anymore. Where my apartment is located, it's in a pretty shaded area but can still get a good amount of sun. I think the sun Kawaii gets as it stands is enough to maintain the health of the plant but not enough to make the buds bloom.

But it HAS only been two weeks... and there are some buds looking like they just wanna bust open but are just holding in like "I'm gonna stay strong! I'm gonna stay strong!! Don't... bloom.... YET!!!" At one point, Kawaii's buds had started turning yellow.

But since I'm in good ol' Florida, and for those of you who were very aware of Hurricane Hermine (And I hope all of you made it out safe with minimum damage), all of those gloomy skies, plus the fact that my patio is already pretty shaded prevented Kawaii from getting enough sunlight.

I water them everyday, soak them very well from their leaves down to their roots and they drain very well I feel. Since the sun has been out, Kawaii's leaves and buds have returned back full green and the buds are starting to look plump again but I don't think I'll be seeing any blooms from her until next Spring or Summer because it's not hot or bright enough right now in my location... sorry Kawaii.

Loyal is thriving though! At one point, her tips were browning. I'm still not sure if I should clip the tips yet but they seem to be going away little by little. That's another thing, the leaves that were chewed through by that danggone snail on Kawaii... should those be pruned? I mean, there are a few leaves with pretty huge holes through them (I mean that snail was chowing DOWN!!!!) and I'm just wondering if I should go ahead and prune them????

But yeah. On a weekly basis (normally on Mondays), I add in some foam fertilizer that's suitable for "indoor plants" to both of them and they seem to be thriving. At least they haven't shriveled up and died yet lol. I have some tomato seeds and I'm wondering if I should start planting them now? Can tomatoes even grow in the winter?..... Or perhaps I should say..... Florida's Cold Summer?? Ha!

Besides that, I've also picked back up an old hobby and entertaining a past idea... Crocheting and Opening up shop!!

I had opened an etsy shop a couple years ago and never really did anything with it. I guess I was jut nervous about a whole range of things and at the time I was more focused on making money than I was with just enjoying the process. This time around I am enjoying the process of creating the shop, decorating it and finding a theme for it and being a "CEO" lol. Now that I'm going into it looking at it as a complete whole and not just a financial support, I can truly see that starting a business is going to take a LOT of work.

But this time I'm truly excited about it! I'm going to officially open it come December, and it will change according to the seasons obviously. So December is going to open up with winter themes, and I'm just excited to post them. I'm excited about all the ideas I have going into this. I mean, here's a sneak peek of what I'll be selling...

This is a very bright, lemon colored hat. This one is for sale for $34.50 and can be purchased at my Etsy Shop, Fresh Out The Trunk. There will be more like this coming in December as well as some other items and ideas I have planned. Right now, it's bare. But in time, it's going to blossom. It's going to blossom whether or not I make a thousand sales the first week or not. It's going to blossom because I'm going to love doing it this time... that's why...

Currently, I'm working on a new item to stock it with come December...

What will be the finished product?

What do you think it'll be?

Stay tuned for Fresh Out The Trunk's re-opening whatever come December! lol

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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