Sunday, September 25, 2016

Flashback Comparisons

I kinda wanted to see how far Nelly has come, especially since this blog was created....way back in... 2012!? GAWD it's been a long time lol.

What I can say is that... my hair has triumphed in length, been hacked off. I've tried several different strategies, done different styles, I've tried quite a few things. I'm pretty sure my hair has been around the block at least a good 15 times. And now, I feel I'm at a place where my hair should at least start showing more growth because as I look back at these pictures... my hair hasn't really changed much in length. But I can definitely see a change in health.

Like here. In the left pics, this was a twist set/twistout done way back from October 2012, and then the pics on the right are from my more recent post of Cycle 12. You know something cool? Both of these twistouts were done with pretty much the same routine of products.

A conditioner and sealed in with an oil.

Isn't that amazing!? The pics on the left were done with Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner and sealed in with an oil, and the pics on the left were done with suave naturals conditioner and sealed in with castor oil.

This alone proves to me that healthy hair starts from a healthy regimen. Back in 2012, I was Garnier Fructis all the way! And wasn't anything wrong with that, Garnier got me a long way back in the day lol. But my regimen was not... the best. I hardly moisturized my hair, I used mainly shea butters at the time, I wasn't consistent. I used a lot of shampoos which probably dried out my hair a lot, I used my wide tooth comb and denman brush relentlessly to detangle my hair and hardly gave a second thought to finger detangling or all the itty bitty broken strands I was having (and back then it was a LOT).

Just look at the difference! One pic shows how my hair responded to the same routine of products, but with more manipulative hair regimen than I have now. These days, my hair regimen is little to no manipulation, but look how much healthier the twistout looks!!

"Then I saw her face! Now Imma believah!!!!"  Okay I'm done.

But, even within a couple months! With this new clay regimen, how has Nelly progressed since then?

In my own personal opinion, like I said before I definitely notice less frizz and more definition. My curls are a lot more prominent since beginning this regimen (and camera editing skills has gotten better too lol).

The regimen itself has given me back a head full of coils that are moisturized, full of sheen and shine, do not tangle as you might think, hair that is easily defined (as seen in the first two comparisons) and it's just... beautiful!!!

I couldn't have come across a better regimen! So thank you JourneytoWaistLength, and thank you creator of MHM method and thank you God for bentonite clay, and thank you Bulk Apothecary for having some in stock! lol

I'm excited with Nelly's progress, even though it's taken a good 4 years or so to get here! I've been natural a long time, but this year, I'm finally LEARNING something about my hair. And we're finally cooperating as a team!

Yeah, I have to keep on top of this regimen. Nelly has never looked better!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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