Monday, September 5, 2016

Cycle 9

Obviously when I'm not documenting on this blog... I'm most likely not caring for my hair. =/

And that's what happened here.

It's been nearly a month since my last post and my hair had been doing so well! First thing that happened was that 100 pumps of conditioner thing lol. Don't ask me why I did it, and I soon learned that my hair takes WELL OVER 100 pumps of conditioner lol...more like a THOUSAND!!!!

I simply just coated my hair in like 250 pumps of conditioner lol and my hair was sopping and goopy full of conditioner. That conditioner actually lasted in my hair a whole entire WEEK without having to remoisturize it. Only thing was that it left flakes in my hair so I was back to wearing my scarf bun to work.

That was the first week.

Second and third week?... the job took center stage. They were making OT available and I? I am not one to let any OT slip by! lol So working morning til night took away the energy I had to do my hair and so I never got around to detangling it or washing it... or moisturizing it honestly. It stayed in a scarf bun.

Fourth week? I got sick with a really bad cold so of course I'm not trying to let any water touch my head. And all that rain and me running all through it just... ugh. That lasted about a good week and a half.

Actually today, I have an occasional runny nose but I'm pretty good now. I've just been so fatigued. This whole 3 day weekend, I just haven't been able to really pull myself to do anything. I just wanted to rest or whatever but I couldn't go another week with my totally scruffed up and tossed aside ponytail lol.

I had completely tossed aside my hair regimen, so I was braced for all the breakage and shedding I was going to see today... but I knew I had to crack down and do it eventually. *rolling eyes*

Now before I show you what I lost, keep in mind my hair has not been detangled in an entire month. And also note that I did not finger detangle my hair as I was sure that was going to be time consuming and frustrating since I'm still not entirely well. So I went the easier route for both of us, and soaked my hair in water and conditioner and went through it in small sections and detangled with my wide tooth comb instead... something I haven't used since I started back up this blog lol.

So without further adieu, the hair that was lost...

One big ball from each section of my hair. O_O I share with you all the good.... and the ugly!! lol

Now, I also forgot to mention that my other phone is dying and whatever so I had to go out and get a new one and with that new phone came a MUCH BETTER camera! One that truly shows more detail than my other ones so I figured that this time I wouldn't put any filters on these pictures and just show you the raw pics without any editing.

Firstly, I decided to show you what my normal mix of bentonite clay looks like...

See it has a little more thickness to it which is helpful to not get splattered and drip everywhere, though it can still be rather messy at times.

I will note that after detangling my hair in the shower, I then completely rinsed the conditioner out of each section and then coated it with avocado oil (it was the nearest bottle of oil to me lol) this time in the hopes my hair would still be softer after the clay treatment like castor oil usually does for my hair. And here is the result of that...

So I went through and applied the clay treatment as usual making sure each strand was coated. I was sure that after a month of not looking after my hair, I was gonna be back at square one as far as definition and curls were concerned, but I was pleasantly surprised after taking a few photos...

So excited with this new camera phone! lol Eventually I will get a real camera but until then... you know, whatever lol.

So I left this in for about 15 minutes before hopping BACK in the shower to rinse out the clay and before applying the deep conditioner, I was FINALLY able to snap some decent pics of what Nelly looks like completely rinsed of bentonite clay and with absolutely NOTHING on my hair. Completely naked hair, no oil, no product, no nothing. Nothing but water and I'm even surprised and how healthy it looks!


My hair was so completely clumped from root to tips. THIS is what I've been yearning to see in Nelly!! I technically think it's been this way for a little while, it was just hard to capture it in the camera lol. But actually no, I don't think it's been this defined and this elongated before. My hair has definitely come down in...density? It's more compact but still very curly with little to no frizz. I have to say, I think Nelly has come an extremely long way.

And to still react this way even after a month of not caring for it? Yesssssssss!! Mission accomplished!

As far as length goes? I'm not positive that I've been retaining any length. I won't know until I do a length check. But I truly don't think it's still growing 2 inches or whatever in a month. I think THAT growth spurt was due to the heat. Other than that, lets get back to focusing on health and the length should come... right?

As far as avocado oil in place of castor oil when prepooing? Even though I adore my avocado oil, this time it has to get a thumbs DOWN. After rinsing out the clay, my hair didn't feel quite as silky and plush as I normally like for it to feel when I'm rinsing out the clay. I mean it was still a nice cast over it but... it still felt a bit dry, you know?

But for now, I am currently deep conditioning with that Mystic Divine hair masque (still going strong!!!) and will be doing so overnight. I'm not sure how I'll wear my hair afterwards... I was thinking about trying French Braids again.... I'll see.

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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