Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cycle 12

So, I bit the bullet and ordered some bentonite clay from online. Bruh, that $13 shipping was PAINFUL yo but I kinda had no other choice. Bentonite was sold out EVERYWHERE, I don't like using Moroccan red clay and I didn't want to revert back to shampoos. I've come too far!

I got it from Bulk Apothecary and I got it pretty fast I think. What was it like... 4 days? It was pretty quick.

A nice 5 pound bag should do me some justice for a minute right? (don't ya'll go and buy out Bulk Apothecary now I'm running out of options!!! lol). So without further adieu, wash day was ON!!

I think I've found my new passion of finger detangling by detangling in the shower with suave naturals conditioner. It goes a bit faster IMO and I feel like it's more thorough too. And no, this time I didn't prepoo with castor oil. I don't know, I just figured it'd be kind of a waste of time.

So first thing was to loosen that week old set of twists. This is how I had been wearing my hair, in a bun pretty much that was covered within a satin bonnet and tied underneath my faithful black scarf. I would take it down every morning to moisturize with some suave naturals conditioner and then wrap it back up in a ponytail and tie it down for all those long days at work.

And then I commenced to taking down the twists and separating them to make for easier finger detangling. But as soon as I started separating my hair.... gawd the twistout was so gorgeous!!! I almost ALMOST didn't wash it. It was so soft and fluffy, defined and everything! I mean... you'll see it.

Awesome right!!? Yes, you know I had to get my "catwalk" moment in before I truly hopped into wash day lol

And with that, I first hopped in the shower to finger detangle my hair thoroughly with conditioner. Went by very nice and smooth, I suppose keeping my hair stretched in twists contributed a great deal too. And of course, the hair I lost...

After that, I hopped out the shower to mix up the bentonite clay mix... as usual. This time, I ran out of ACV before my mix was how I wanted it to be, so I ended up adding in what I think was like 1/3 cup of water and it came out really smooth and souffle like... I actually like it this way though...

And then I hopped back into the shower (water not running though) to apply it to my hair. My hair seemed to soak it all in just fine too... I feel like this is my best cycle yet!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssss!!!!! lol

So, this stayed in my hair for like 25-30 minutes. I spent a great deal of time editing these photos while I waited lol. And then I hopped back in the shower to rinse out...

Maybe I'm over-editing my photos now...  I don't know what do you all think? lol

After this, I coated my hair in, yes, that SAME Mystic Divine's hair masque (and I STILL love it!!). Can't believe I'm still going strong with it lol. I am currently deep conditioning now. Next week may incur yet another set of medium-ish chunky twists since this week turned out so GREAT!

But honestly, this makes 3 months since I've started this hair regimen. I haven't used shampoos in 3 MONTHS, and my scalp is doing juuuuuuust fine. It's not dirty, it doesn't smell, I don't have dandruff or buildup issues (yes, I kinda thought it would come back after awhile of this). But no. My hair has definitely lost a lot of it's frizz and gained much more of it's curl and definition. It's retaining moisture a lot easier. The styles are beautiful and the health of it is something I've been longing for!

My hair in it's true natural, true coily, true tangling nature is actually not as bad I thought it would be. My hair doesn't snag and tangle like you would think it should. My hair separates and glides off of each other as if I had a super silky Peruvian wig on (I don't know a thing about weave or hair, but I like how the Peruvian ones look lol). And when my ends do try and tangle, it's usually time for a trim.

That's another thing, I haven't had to trim my hair either. The last time I trimmed my hair was when I cut it to get the shape (And the shape is still lasting too) and I don't think I've trimmed my hair since, aside from the occasional knots.

I think I've pretty much settled into a regimen. I'm sure it will continue to change subtly as I learn and try new things but for the most part, everything seems to have been beneficial.

I'm very grateful for this regimen!! Now, lets just see if protective styling is gonna help me get to waist length!

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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