Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cycle 11

Yeah, so the routine, or at the very least the way I do everything, might be changing up a bit.

I figured that I can't really get rid of finger detangling since that is a big part of the reason my hair is responding the way it is now. BUT.... I'm just not fond of the long time it takes to do it outside of the shower.


In today's cycle (am I gonna be updating you all on every single cycle tho???), I started out by hopping in the shower first but only to finger detangle my hair. It was fairly easy since my hair had been in a twisted bun all week that I took down on a nightly basis to moisturize with suave naturals conditioner. The ponytail part, I kept twisted in two big chunky twists that was twisted around to make a bun and then I would cover it with my bonnet and black scarf for work. So needless to say, my hair was fairly stretched out all week...

And I'll also mention that that night when I got home from work, I actually separated my hair into about 6 chunky twists that I coated with castor oil to prepoo my hair again. I was originally gonna start this process much earlier in the day but ended up running to the craft stores to get a little inventory for my crochet shop that I'll be opening up officially in December (stay tuned!). And with that, I ended up pre-pooing with castor oil for pretty much the entire day lol...

And THEN later that day... approximately like 12 hours later lol. I decided to actually do my hair. I don't know, thinking about wash day for my hair seems to drain me for some reason... to have to think about all the time I must expend on my curls I just... I don't know. Do I really want classic length hair? lol I barely can tolerate the hair I have now! lol

So but anyways, I hopped in the shower to finger detangle my hair with the suave naturals conditioner. I used globs of it to finger detangle and then I would rinse the conditioner out of each section and then twist up before moving on to the remaining ones.

After that, I decided instead to do my clay application in the shower. I don't know why this has never donned on me before, but I think I may be doing it this way more often. I just stood in the shower and applied the clay to each section and this time I did not spray any water on my hair (I had enough this time), but simply just applied the clay to my hair in sections.

I suppose since my hair was damp and not wet, the clay dried a lot faster and my hair clumped alot easier this time around. Was it because the clay wasn't running off my hair or because I finger detangled and didn't completely obliterate my curls with the wide tooth comb? Could be either or, or even both! But thicker mixtures and finger detangling seem to treat my curls best!

With that, I think this time I left everything in for about 20 to 25 minutes (watching videos lol) and then I hopped back in the shower to rinse and apply deep conditioner and.....well...shower lol.

Before I sopped my hair in DC though, I did manage to snap a few pics. And yo, still feeling my curls man!

And how much hair was lost after wash day today (thought I forgot didn't ya!!!?.... I almost did tho...)

Yep. A much better wash day.

And would you know that I am still using that Mystic Divine's Deep Conditioner!? lol How many times have I used it already? I think I've used it about 5 times already! And I've still got about half a jar left lol! That's it, I'm totally going to get some more of that! I think it's worth the $10 now, I can't believe that little jar is STILL going!!! And needless to say, Nelly LOVES it. Every time I sop my curls in that deep conditioner, my curls just melt. Every single time.

So yeah, currently deep conditioning and I suppose overnight. I think tomorrow I may plan on putting my hair into some chunky medium-ish twists.... like a twist set. I haven't done a set of twists in what feels like AGES when that used to be ALL I did!! But yeah, I feel like since I'm getting a little busier and... not even.... quite frankly, I just don't feel like doing my hair at all these days. Plus, the weather is getting cooler and... I don't know, I just wanna switch it up I guess.

So I think in the morning, I'll just twist my hair up into some chunky twists... we'll see what happens.

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥
~ Mskraizy

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