Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cycle 10

Soooo... I think I made less than I usually make because I found myself trying to make sure the clay was evenly dispersed throughout my entire hair. And to do that meant that I was spritzing my hair with more water to make the clay distribute easier.

Besides that, I tried a different routine again. Kind of following in the footsteps of LAST wash day with detangling with a comb. I don't know, I just haven't had the energy to sit through another session of finger detangling my hair... I don't know why. But every time I think about finger detangling... it makes me want to prolong wash day.

BUT. I went an entire MONTH pushing wash day out week after week and I'm trying to get back on track with my hair regimen.

So this time, I hopped in the shower first and detangled by means of separating my hair into four sections and combing through with my wide tooth comb and hair that was saturated in Suave Naturals Strawberry conditioner. Then after all the twists were detangled, I completely rinsed out the conditioner and then applied castor oil over all the twists before hopping out.

Then, out of shower, I mixed up my clay mix... and like I said, I probably mixed up less than usual because I barely got by.

But either it's because I decided to use a comb to detangle or the clay was so watered-down when applied to my hair, but it just didn't clump out the way I like for it too usually... Well, you'll see in the pics (and yes, we're back to edited pics lol)

First of all, less hair was lost this time...

And then here is my hair after fully applying the clay to my hair...

Now because I had already took a shower prior to applying the clay, I decided to just rinse it out in the sink. And it went okay, I suppose. The up side to rinsing in the sink is very minimal clean up as opposed to rinsing in the shower. I guess because in the shower, the clay has a longer way to travel before it hits the drain so it has many opportunites to splash all over the walls, the entire tub..... any stray loofah sponges *rolling eyes*

The down side, which is probably more of a personal problem lol, is just the strain it puts on my back and neck. I think since being a child and having to have my hair washed over the sink traumatize me a bit (flashback of all the times water ran up my nose and I thought I was going to die lol), once I started washing my own hair in the shower, I was THROUGH with stooping over sinks lol.

But I did rinse my hair under the sink just so it could go by quicker, and it did. The bentonite clay still rinsed out easily, and my hair was still fairly clumped.

I think it still was pretty curly from root to tip, but it just wasn't clumped. At least not how I like it and I'm thinking it's because I didn't use enough clay... or the clay was too diluted from all the water I had spritzed in my hair to make the clay disperse through the hair easier.

And this is how Nelly looked after rinsing her clean!

I don't think it was as clumped and as curly as last week's round was, but it was still a pretty good day. As it stands, I'm running low on bentonite clay and it seems like everyone is pretty much out of stock.

I need to find a new clay. I thought about going back to Rhassoul since I used to use it waaaaaaay back in my earlier natural-hair days. But it seems more expensive now (or maybe I just wasn't as tight with money back then as I am now lol)... I would go for Moroccan Clay since I used to use that, but between Morroccan Clay and Rhassoul, they're colored clays. And Morroccan Clay... man, that clay is a PAIN to clean up after. Scrub a tile twice and it STILL has a faded red stain. I don't remember whether Rhassoul was easy to clean up or not, but I do remember it making my hair feel really nice and soft...

I don't know. I need something. And it seems like every local store and online seller is about sold out (ya'll stop buying out my Bentonite man!). Aww geez the struggle is REAL!!!!!

Well, we'll just have to see now won't we?

But until next time!

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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