Saturday, September 24, 2016

Better Quality Photos???


I'm eager to take pictures of my items for my shop that I'm going to open up soon. But I figured, why save nice quality photos for only my shop when my hair blog has been surviving on crappy quality camera photos for years!!?!??

So I recently invested in this lens for androids from Photojojo (the name makes me think of Mojo Jojo from powerpuff girls though lol) that was $20. I don't think I know how to use it though, but I'm trying.

What I'm really digging is these new photo editing apps I've downloaded on my phone! For now I was just playing around with some pictures, and I so far have only used it on a lizard lol and my plants... The plants will be in a different post, but so far... have a look at my camera editing skills (and get ready for more to come!)...


Pretty nice right? Of course, I'm sure snapping and editing photos of lizards is not amazing, but I just want to bring some better quality to Keep Calm 'n Coily. I mean, it's about TIME don't ya think!?!?!!

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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