Sunday, August 7, 2016

Flat Twist and Curl???

Do another wash and go this week? Psyche!!!

I decided I wanted to try a different style. I mean, I know the wash and go is now a fall back style, as is the braidout... and a very cute-decorated low puff lol. It seems like I'm building up a style inventory these days hmm?

But anyways, I decided to try a flat twist and curl. Hoping to achieve something like this...

Though I'm pretty sure mine is not going to turn out as dope lol. I put them in so haphazardly, I'm not sure it'll have any definition, much less anything like that.

My hair was still a little moist from the deep conditioner (that conditioner soaked in really well this time). Nelly was so soft and fluffy and just.... MAN!

So I didn't spray it any further. At the most, I added in some castor oil to seal in the moisture some more and then flat twisted my hair into about 8 flat twists which would be 2 in each of 4 sections all around. And as I finished each twist, I curled them up with pink perm rods such as...

And this was the finished result...

Currently waiting for it to airdry. Hopefully it'll be dry for tomorrow... either way it'll have to be.

But until next time,

 Keep calm 'n coily ♥
~ Mskraizy

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