Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cycle 8

This week was of the wash and go and I absolutely LOVED it!! I might start trying to do wash and go's more often but my only concern this week was how hard it was to style it. My hair has jumped in thickness (or maybe I'm just now realizing how thick my hair actually is???) and when in a wash and go, which was in a shrunken state and not stretched at the roots by a blowdryer, the thickness was inevitable. Pulling all that hair into a puff was considered a good 15 minutes of strength training lol.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how to pin my hair with bobby pins without causing me a headache or any tension. I finally realized how valuable the "X" formation is (when you pin two bobby pins in your hair by crossing them over each other to create an 'X' which gives more hold to th hair without ripping it out your scalp) and that's why I was able to wear that one pin up the other day. Since then, I had such trouble trying to figure out what to do with it, I resorted back to my scarf for the last two days of wearing it.

And no, it's not because it looked scruffy or anything. The curls held up so well throughout the week, I could've easily went maybe a few more days without washing it but... it's just so much hair and I didn't want it all in my face as it had been while I was wearing it out. Get sick of all that hair hitting me in my glasses!

But, come wash day, this is about what I was left with...

You really can't see it that well, but there was still a LOT of curl definition and I suppose if I had fluffed it out really well, wash day could've easily been delayed.

But alas, I like staying on the schedule I have.

So of course, when I got home that Friday night, I commenced to coating my hair with castor oil and putting it into medium-sized twists (probably about 8 or 9 in all) and covered with a plastic bag and let it marinate overnight.

I was eager to see if detangling my hair would've been harder or easier with all that ecostyler gel in my hair. And more than that, I was also eager to see how well Bentonite clay would do if it had to clean unnatural (ecostyler gel) products out of my hair since... up until this point, I really only used oils and aloe vera juice on my curls.

So the morning came, I proceeded to do errands and a few chores first prior to beginning wash day.

First thing was detangling.

Detangling my hair this week was not hard at all! And I managed to get my time down from three hours to TWO!!!!! #ReasonsToBeProud lol

I'm beginning to find when it comes to detangling that my curls are very defined these days... as opposed to back in the day, or even when I first started this regimen, there was little to no curl definition and it tangled up constantly.

It's like, I just spray water on my hair and the curls seem to pop right back into place! I do think the gel added a lot more added slip to my hair to help the shedded strands ease out. And with that added benefit, I was definitely expecting for the gel to flake up and cause those gooey beads that are so HARD to get rid out...

But it didn't. And I feel like that may have been because of the oil. But this is the second time I've noticed that because I know that ecostyler gels (or at least the clear one) do NOT play well with many other products. This gel can flake up like NOBODY'S business.

But I find that when I put a layer of castor oil on the section right before I apply the gel... for some reason it allows the gel to mix with the product and form a 'cream' residue and not that 'flaky-gooey' residue....

Hmm? Hair hack? Possibly...

But anyways, aside from that, this is the hair I lost from this past wash day...

I'm starting to see that on average, I lose about this much hair every wash day. I wanted to do this on a consistent basis to know what my average loss is annnnnd... this seems to be it. Pretty consistent over about 8 weeks I say, eh? So if I start losing way more than this, I need to start freaking out lol.

And then it was on to the cleansing step.

Nothing different from this, but I realized that I've never taken a pic of what my mixture looks like. So here is a good visual of what my consistency is for my clay step...

This mix is a wee bit more watery than I would like my mixes to be but it still resembles the same creamy consistency. And this is why I LOVE using ACV to mix my clay instead of regular water. Mixing with regular water, I would NEVER get this consistency (at least not without forming new biceps lol). The ACV really does just melt into the clay mix and it really only takes a few gentle strokes back and forth until the creaminess starts to settle in.

And I only use bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. I think I mentioned this way before, but I tend to feel like it defeats the purpose to add in all types of essentials oils and whatnots to... any clay mix because the main purpose really is to "extract" from the hair. Extract toxins and whatever else is clogging your hair follicles, scalp, strands whathaveyou and it's not really infusing anything. For me, the bentonite clay extracts toxins from the hair and helps add definition and the apple cider vinegar aids in making the clay mix creamier and clarifying my scalp for a better cleanse. That's it. That's really all you should need but hey, everyone's hair is different. :)

This mix went on a little watery, obviously, but still did it's job. Here's what my hair looked like after it was all applied...

They just get more and more defined over time!!! ♥

After rinsing out the clay, I did another spot check to see how my hair, fully stripped of ANY product looked and.... I really wish I had a great camera to capture it but I don't.

But I really think my curls are nearing MHM now. They curl from tips to root pretty much, even the front and side areas. There's less and less confusion going on and I can truly see a difference in my curls now that I've ever seen in them before!

As far as cleansing? YES!

Bentonite clay totally did it's job with cleansing my hair of all that ecostyler gel and getting my scalp all squeaky clean again while still maintaining definition in my curls.

The pre-pooing with castor oil is STILL doing it's thang as far as making sure that after all the clay is rinsed out it still has a nice soft 'silky feel so I truly feel like this will be a permanent part of my regimen. Castor oil also helps with preventing ecostyler gel make little "white boogies" in my hair when in contact with another product which is always helpful.

As of now, I am STILL deep conditioning. I have used that Mystic Divine product again and honestly, I think I'm gonna get more than 4-6 uses out of it. My second time using it, and I still don't feel like I've put a huge dent in it. Seriously, it's like one smallish-medium scoop for each section and it coats through the hair so easily.

I think I'm going to do another wash and go this week and challenge myself to try and style it... let's see what tomfoolery I come up with lol.

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥
~ Mskraizy

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