Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Couple Hair Goals

Besides ultimately attaining Classic Length Stretched with Nelly, I have some other minor hairstyles that I'm trying to attain as well. First up... When I do my wand curls or flexi rod sets or even rollersets... I want them to look big and bouncy like this...

I feel like a set this big and fluffy would look it's best on blow-dried hair or at least hair that's very well stretched out, perhaps through a combed out rollerset or whathaveyou. So because this style can be done on hair that has a little stretched length to it, I don't feel it's totally necessary for me to have to reach CL first (though it would probably look best on that length IMO). I might be able to attain this look when my hair reaches a nice full and healthy Waist Length... perhaps creeping to HL.

I really don't plan on using heat for awhile now since I've been enjoying my curls so MUCH lately, so I really might hold off on this style until I reach waist length or beyond to try it out. But it's truly something I'd love to wear and with this length....and health. :)

Second style?

French (or Dutch???) Braids...

I should probably try this style my next wash day and see how long they are now so I can kind of compare where it may get as Nelly continues to grow....


Okay, I reached back into my blog (lol) and found an old picture of french braids I had done YEARS ago lol...

Remember this "Hair of the Day" style?
I wanna say in that picture, I was about the length I am now, if not that my hair was probably a bit shorter when I did this style (and this was back in 2013...). I think my hair at this point, it definitely wasn't as curly and defined as it has become now, I also believe at this point I was on a path to attaining healthier ends so I think some of the ends were still left on annnnd yeah...

I'm just looking at the length for right now. I love the thickness in my French Braids no doubt. So I would like to maintain that thickness and have my french braids reach down and be able to drape over my shoulders, maybe hit about armpit length like the ones in the first picture do. Seeing as though my hair is about BSL in this pic and it's already trying to hang over my shoulders, I would think by the time I get to WL or so, they'd be almost APL and possibly at CL, they'd be good and APL and maybe even closer to BSL!

I just love the way long French Braids look. But I want to be able to wear them on my own hair. I'm sure if they were done on blowdried hair they'd be even longer and prettier... especially when I'm nearer to classic length!

But as for now, I'm still a measly ol' Bra Strap Length... A very healthy BSL though, I will say that!

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥
~ Mskraizy

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