Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's In YOUR Puff!?

This morning, before spritzing all over with aloe vera juice and patting castor oil into my ends and wrapping it up into another infamous puff, I decided to take a quick peek inside the puff.

I'm very impressed with what I came across. Not really because my curls were so prominent... but rather, because they were so prominent without having been enhanced with any gels or curl defining products.

At most, the only thing in my hair is some ORS deep conditioner that was never rinsed out and castor oil... and aloe vera juice that is spritzed in on a daily basis.

This is the puff I ended up wearing...yesterday morning...little sidepuff thing...

And then this morning... I decided to check to see what was in MYYYYY Puff!!

This is only like the middle/top sections of my hair and as you can see... clearly 4a. And my front middle sections are more 3c like in nature.

So I still stand firm behind the idea that I have 4a/3c hair. And I think they're just beautiful! I'm even more surprised that these curls are formed without really any styling product. Just the results from 6 cycles of a water-based clay-washing finger-detangling regimen... not bad eh?

Honestly, 6 weeks ago, I don't think my hair would've dried with only conditioner and gel and have curls as prominent as these are. They would've been very frizzed up. So this whole MHM idea is definitely working in my favor!

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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