Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 3 ~ Orange Paisley ~ 27 Weeks of Nail Polish

I kinda lost my creativity this week. But at the very end, it hit me! Try a paisley print.

Let me inform you that this was a FAIL for me. But it took so long to do anyway, I just kept it. From far away, it actually doesn't look that bad.

One thing I learned from googling nail polish designs is that people usually apply the top coat to the nail before doing their designs because it helps it dry fast and THEN they do the designs on top of that. I did that this time and there were no smears this time! So I'm proud of THAT! lol

I'll also note that I've started trying to shape my nails. They're still pretty short now, but they're starting to get some length now and I think I want to start shaping them differently. Like if I just let my nails grow, they grow into a hard square shape with the hard edges. But I'm really digging that "squoval" look? Is that what it's called?

No! The term I'm looking for is Ballerina Nails...

Something like this....

I just think that shape is sooooooo pretty! But I truly don't know what I'm doing when it comes to shaping my nails. I'm thinking about going to a nail salon but the point of this challenge was to learn how to do them myself lol.

Ahh well, guess it's back to late night Google Research lol.

Perhaps the next time it's time do my nails, I'll try and start shaping them into the ballerina shape cause it's just too pretty!

But until next time!

♥ Keep it calm, coily 'n colorful ♥

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