Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 2 ~ Glitzy Red Cheetah Girl ~ 27 Weeks of Nail Polish

I almost missed it! lol But fortunately I didn't, and this is what I came up with!

I gotta say, I really like this design a lot! And apparently, I must be really into that "one glitter nail" thing too. I will try not to do that for the next week though. lol

I decided to test my designing ability and let me say it was mad HARD trying to do my right hand. But luckily, I got through it without having to redo any nails like I thought I would have to.

But anyways, this is what I used to accomplish this design...

Yeah. I just knew I wanted red nails today. I was originally just gonna do them all solid red with no designs just to say I did it. But as I looked at my chain of nail polish colors lol the creativity just started bubbling in me and the Glitzy Red Cheetah Girl happened! I might do more cheetah designs in the future though... we'll see.

♥ Keep it calm'n coily'n colorful ♥

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