Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 1 ~ Summer Graffiti ~ 27 Weeks of Nail Polish

Okay, so I lie... I actually started this on Wednesday night. Only reason is because my job had a "theme day" where we were supposed to wear bright and fun summery colors (picked a great time to stock up on all that nail polish didn't I? lol). So I wore lots of bright blues and white... So to start week 1, this is the style that I've done...

It's weird taking pictures of my feet lol

It looks yellow in the picture, camera phone is just crappy when it comes to true details. But in person, it really does look like a neon "glow in the dark" type of green without the whole "glow in the dark" thing.

I really love that polish it's the Celtic Sun from China Glaze. What I don't like is that the color is so freaking light and transparent, you NEED to have a white undercoat to even see that it's on your nail. And, as I'm sure you can see in the picture, you should probably apply two white coats and let it dry because the color is not transparent enough to cover up any missed areas.

But other than that, yes bright! Summery! Fun! I'm loving this style!

These are the colors I used...

And while I'm at it, I should probably also mention that I stocked up on Sally's B2G1 Free sale (they have made so much money off of me these past couple of weeks lol). But I went and got some China Glaze Stripe Rite striping nail polish in black, white, and gold...

And also a nail striping brush for all my other colors that I already have. Here's to 26 weeks more of nail polish!!!

♥ Keep it calm, coily and colorful ♥

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