Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wash Day ~ Cycle 7

Cycle 7!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Alright, so this wash day.. Did quite a bit switching up this time around and honstly... I've never seen Nelly look SO GOOD!!!

I will note that this week, I was a bit light on the moisturizing factor. Everyday, I did make sure to spritz it with aloe vera juice but then it got wrapped up into a bun or low ponypuff and... that was it. Didn't do much sealing or... stretching for that matter...

So but anyways!!

Wash day begin with... of course, my first step of Pre-Shampooing.

So on Friday night, I begin by slathering my curls with castor oil and twisting up into 6 sections and then cover with a plastic cap and my bonnet and sleep in it overnight. And so the morning after, before I get started on wash day, I make a quick trip to Sally's Beauty Supply.

I was looking for my regular ORS Deep Conditioner and lo' and behold, my certain Sally's does not sell it (probably due to location UGH!!!). And I was going to travel an hour to my usual Sally's to get some but then the cashier advised me that my card was about to expire, and if I renewed it, I could get a free hair treatment product. And this was what I chose....

Mystic Divine Luminous Shine Smoothing Masque
 Reg Price $9.49

Review for this coming later!

But anyways, I got that and back home to begin wash day I went.

Let me begin by saying if I REALLY didn't believe finger detangling was aiding in the beautiful definition I've been gaining, I would've stopped doing it LONG ago.

Finger detangling is not becoming a hassle or tedious or anything... but the times are just getting and staying longer. I didn't hit the 3 hour mark yesterday (I don't think), but it was still near the hour mark and I'm so used to having my hair all done and detangled at LEAST within an hour. But I managed to get through it again. Here are the results of the hair I lost...

FYI, I'm not sure why I keep taking pics of my shedded hairs along with my trimming scissors lol! But hey, why break up a good thing eh?

After that, I began with the clay application. Generally, that process is still the same...

This wash day, I made sure to make sure each curl was coated with the clay. Especially in all the areas that haven't really been showing much curl definition lately. I notice that with every wash day, my curls get curlier and curlier and my hair looks more and more elongated. I just love taking pics of my curls in the back because they are so vibrant and prominent! They get better and better with each wash day!

I tried to take some pics of my hair freshly rinsed of the clay and before any other product was added to it...

This is as good as it gets...

The back definitely came back with some more definition this wash day! These days, I think it's less and less about the definition and more about the clumping. Because I'm starting to see definition all across my hair but now it's just trying to find it's home. I think each strand is trying to make or form it's new home now. Maybe in another 7 wash cycles, they'll all have found one.

Then I proceeded to separate my hair into 4 sections so that I could easily distribute the deep conditioner to all strands. More on this later. And then twisted each section up and then eventually, clipped it up and put under a plastic cap and beanie to allow to condition for a few hours.

And obviously, I'm far too lazy to rinse out anything these days lol. So I left the conditioner in and proceeded to try another wash and go.

More on this later. ;)

And so that was the end of wash day Cycle 7!

I think, absolutely, this regimen has had the best effect of on my natural hair and also helps tremendously with embracing my natural curl pattern. I can remember a few things that I used to have problems with in the past that I haven't come across now.

One of those things being dandruff and the smell it would hold. I remember when I was a new natural, and I was embracing nothing but the "shea butter life" and trying to keep my hair moisturized for 72,000 days! First of all my hair was NOT moisturized because butters do not moisturize your hair, they merely seal in the moisture.

But also, my scalp was very dandruff-prone back in the day. It wasn't just regular, scratch-your-scalp-and-there's-buildup kinda thing, it was literally FLAKES. I think I was able to counteract that by oiling my scalp daily but even that was just too much effort for me and I never kept up with it and so dandruff was like a "hit or miss"  thing for me.

Since this regimen, I do not have any problems with any flakes and honestly, I really don't have a problem with buildup. I'm really not sure why or what the cause has been before, but I rarely ever see in any flakes and I don't suffer with itchy scalps anymore!

And because I'm not suffering from flakes and also because I'm probably using lighter products... my hair is not suffering from bad smells anymore. I mean, obviously, it does get a bad smell but that's usually when it's nearing wash day. But if there's a good-smelling product, my hair can actually hold onto the scent for DAYS without starting to smell like (what I used to call) "Swamp Funk" lol.You don't realize how much smells are important to you until you have to figure out what's causing them lol.

And honestly, this regimen is probably the only regimen that forces me to deal with my natural curl pattern up front more than any other regimen I've ever implemented and yet, it's been the one regimen that is producing the most optimum results!

Back in the day, you would have NEVER caught me at ANY point in the regimen with my hair loose. My hair was always in sections, always twisted up, clipped up, tied down, styled always, always, always!!! Handled.

My fear was because my hair would dry fast and it would shrink and I wouldn't be able to deal with combing it back out.

But with this regimen?

Nelly is loose with the clay application, loose after rinsing, loose before/during/and after deep conditioning, and if I so choose, loose during styling! This regimen embraces my curl pattern so much it actually has made it easier for me to deal with my texture and to be okay with shrinkage. To learn how to love it and be okay with it at all stages.

No, I have not allowed my hair to just randomly dry up after rinsing out the clay (and I really don't intend to) but just being able to step out the shower, and to have my hair out and doing it's own thing before I jump into the next step is HUGE for me cause I was the type that HAD to keep their hair stretched from beginning to end.

I think that's what I like most about this regimen. Seeing as though when I first went natural, I was not curl-driven, I was moreso length-driven. So whatever I did to my hair, like I said it was always clipped up, twisted up, braided up. I think I JUST started trying to perfect the wash an go like a couple years ago and I've been natural for about 7 years! (this wash and go though is by far the BEST imo though). I wasn't crazy about curl patterns and shrinkage, I was fawning over hair that was passing waist length! Didn't matter what the curl type looked like lol.

I guess now, I'm beginning to see that when you're natural... you can't really have one without the other. You can gain length, but you must care about your curls first and then the length will come. Is that not true from LAST month's length check!? lol

I don't know. Guess I just had a random moment.

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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