Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wash Day Cycle 5!

I went 2 weeks without washing my curls. O_O

Finger detangling was LONG first of all. It was about 3 hours, but since I was watching funny videos on youtube (lol), time kinda passed by faster than I thought it would've. But I still only finger detangled it. I'm finding now that finger detangling may not be as 100% thorough as ripping through with a wide tooth comb may be but personally... for my hair. I don't need it to be completely detangled unless I'm like...flat ironing it or something which I don't...really do. Finger detangling still gets most of the knots and tangles out and lessens breakage for me as well. I'm finding that knots that my comb would normally snap apart, I'm able to smooth the shedded hairs out without damaging my remaining strands which is probably attributing to the major length I retained last month. But without further adieu.... this is all the hair that I lost.

But for 2 weeks, I don't think that was TOO bad, but I will note that there was breakage in this pile too. Womp....

Nelly after finger detangling and before clay application

So of course, I bought some more bentonite clay online, and I also purchased a bottle of avocado oil, one of Nelly's FAVORITE hair oils. I figured since it's getting hotter now (and been hot for like a few months now lol) that I should start using a lighter oil on my hair so that it won't be so greasy... Or go back to doing my fifty-fifty mix of avocado and castor oil. And then I went and got a big bottle of ACV to help with the clay mixture as well...

And then went about wash day as normal. I had to notice that my hair on both sides was pretty long and the curls were more defined and my hair was more elongated... not sure if you could tell here.

So currently, I am deep conditioning with my beloved ORS deep conditioner and will be doing so overnight.

I did check my curls right after rinsing out all the clay and yo, my curls are definitely clumping and coming to life!! The front it clumping too, all parts of my hair! They look so juicy and curly, not really seeing much frizz in my hair and this is right after rinsing my curls with no product in it at all. It had lots of hang time, lots of curls and not many fuzzy areas!

It definitely looks like it's gotten so much closer to MHM, This cycle, my hair looked GREAT! GAWD how I wish I had a great camera!!! lol

But after oohing and aawing over my livelier curls again lol, I then slathered it in deep conditioner, gathered it into a loosely twisted top knot bun and am now deep conditioning overnight.

I kinda wonder if I'll be able to grow and retain the same amount of length I retained last month? I'm sorry, but I am truly TRULY amazed at the growth I got last month! I'm just excited that I could probably get that kinda growth again! I suppose, I'll do another length check...when? August 12? Geez, now I'm anxious. But why not be? I'm finally nearing some hair goals! My curls are clumping together with no product, my hair is growing and retaining length, and the cut still lives! lol

Consistency is key :D

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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