Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Update On Breakage

I'm not having any!

I'm feeling a "hair sticks obsession" coming on!!!!
Well... aside from a couple of knots I had to trim out, nothing slipped out of my strands!

I just got finished doing my daily moisturizing regimen. I've decided to completely obliterate the flaxseed gel from the regimen this week (and probably forever) and my hair is maintaining a little more softness but it's still drying out pretty fast throughout the day.

Though today, while moisturizing my hair, all I did was spritz with aloe vera juice and seal in with castor oil and twisted my hair in it's usual 6 twists.

This morning, I wore a twistout from very shrunken twists. And again, my hair naturally separated into all it's already pre-defined clumps. And what I'm beginning to notice is how much...better? It looks? I mean, today it didn't look like a day 4 twistout.....more like day 2. lol So we're getting there!

I don't know, I still feel like my hair is dry but... I don't know. Maybe it's natural for my hair to feel dry at the end of everyday. Wow, I sound kinda crazy to myself but it's been at least more than 2 years since I had a consistent regimen and really sat down and watched how my hair responded to different products and techniques. And now, along with a new regimen, I'm now embracing my natural curls instead of using combs and brushes and blowdryers, I'm actually beginning to see my real curls for what they are and how they respond so this is all pretty new territory. I'm not used to dealing with already "clumped" hair when I'm doing twist and braidouts but I am starting to like it.

I think because this time around, it didn't seem to have much frizz. Granted, I like frizz, but in my very first braidout, the frizz made it look old immediately. And granted, it did look a day or two old today when I took it down but the frizz wasn't as significant. It's like, more strands of my hair are starting to find their "homes" in each curl clump..... Does that make any sense? lol

Another thing I wanted to note...

I really believe my hair has grown and retained a lot of length in one month. Honestly, not even cause I took my first length check pic on June 12 so I have about.... 7 days more before it's fully a month. I took a picture of my twistout today and compared it to my braidout from June and I can see that it hangs more. In both pictures, my hair was in a fresh style after wash day with all of it's shrinkage and no length manipulation whatsoever and there was a significant change in length.

Honestly, it looks and feels like my hair has already grown at the very least an inch, if not a little more. I don't know for sure, I won't truly know until I do another length check. I'm tempted to do another one just for one month buuuuuuut, I'll wait til....when I said? September??

It's funny because, if Nelly really has grown and retained that much length in.... 3 weeks using this regimen that means.....

  • Finger detangling really DOES help retain length
  • Protective styling (for my hair at least) is not viciously important like I used to think it was
  • Shrunken up hair is NOT the spawn of the Devil
  • This is the most minimum regimen I've ever had that seems to produce the GREATEST results!

Really, this regimen is easy for me, it's helping me re-learn my natural hair and fall in love with my truer curls and the truer nature of my hair. It's kinda cool to know how many layers natural hair can have. From the modern day natural to the free-forming natural and then there's that middle ground natural....like moi lol.

Which reminds me. I need some more bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥


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